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Node For Max

Node For Max Community examples

Hi Maxers! This repository contains a list of examples using Node For Max created by and for the Max community. There is no code or patches in this repo, but only a list of links to code, patches, and media. You are welcome to submit examples created by you or others.

List of Examples


The main purpose of this repository is to showcase community projects and material related to Node For Max. Please feel free to contribute your work or the work of others. See the full Contributing Guide for more details on how to participate in this project.

In case you find an issue with an existing example or a non-working link please report this by submitting an issue to this repository. Note that you will need to have a GitHub account to submit an issue.

Code of Conduct

We have adopted a Code of Conduct that we expect every participant to adhere to. You can find the full text here.

Other Resources

Looking for other Node For Max resources?

  • n4m-core-examples A collection of Cycling '74 authored, core techniques and practices to get started
  • n4m-examples A collection of small-scale examples that show how to use Node For Max maintained by Cycling '74