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Basic examples and core techniques for using Node For Max
Max JavaScript
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Node For Max

Node For Max Core Examples

Build Status

This repository contains the code examples for the Node For Max package, maintained by @Cycling74. It's main purpose is to show basic techniques when using Node For Max and teach how to use the API.

Getting Started with Node For Max

Hello Maxers! If you're looking for resources to learn more about Node For Max, you're in the right place.

API Reference

You can find the full API Reference here.

Core Examples

If you're completely new to Node For Max, we recommend starting here, with the core examples. These are small and show you how to do basic things you'll probably want to do again and again. Each folder is a self-contained example, containing at a minimum a Max patch and a JavaScript file. Cycling '74 will continue adding more examples, so keep checking back!

Bigger Examples, made by Cycling '74.

n4m-examples is a collection of real-live examples created and maintained by Cycling '74. These are usually larger in size than the core examples. Cycling '74 will continue to add more, so keep checking back!


  • Socket Drawings - a recipe that demonstrates how to create a web socket server and have users interact with your Max patch from the Internet. Recipe | GitHub

Community Examples

We would also like to share and feature all of your work! Go to the Node For Max Community Examples repository to see the work of other Node For Max users and add your own.


The main purpose of this repository is to show basic concepts when using Node For Max. We are grateful to the community for contributing bufixes and improvements.

Contributing Guide

You might find an error in an example, or have a request for an example you would like to see. You can report this by submitting an issue to this repository. Note that you will need to have a GitHub account to submit an issue. See the full Contributing Guide for more details on how to participate in this project.

Code of Conduct

We have adopted a Code of Conduct that we expect every participant to adhere to. You can find the full text here.



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