An evil mod for Minecraft.
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All stable releases (including deobfuscated builds) can be found on CurseForge.

More gameplay information can be found on CurseForge.

Development builds are hosted by JFrog Artifactory.


  • Before submitting a pull request containing a new feature, please discuss this first with one of the lead developers.
  • When fixing an accepted bug, make sure to declare this in the issue so that no duplicate fixes exist.
  • All code must comply to our coding conventions, be clean and must be well documented.
  • Information on how to build this mod locally and how to set up your development environment can be found at the wiki.


  • All bug reports and other issues are appreciated. If the issue is a crash, please include the FULL Forge log.
  • Before submission, first check for duplicates, including already closed issues since those can then be re-opened.

Branching Strategy

For every major Minecraft version, two branches exist:

  • master-{mc_version}: Latest (potentially unstable) development.
  • release-{mc_version}: Latest stable release for that Minecraft version. This is also tagged with all mod releases.


All code and images are licenced under Creative Commons 4