File logger with rotation of log files using the current date + (a-z). Latest file is always the default log file
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File transport for winston that allows the log files to be rotated depending on size and time.

File Rotate Date Transport

  winston.add(winston.transports.FileRotateDate, options)

The File transport accepts a filename via the 'filename' option and uses that file as the primary logging target. Should the file grow past 'maxsize' bytes then the current log file is renamed and a new primary log tile is created. The name of the renamed log file is formated as such 'basenameYYYYMMDD[a-z].bak'.


Filename for the rotated file has changed to the following format from version 0.2.0 'basenameYYYYMMDD_HHmmSS_ms.bak' YYYY = Year MM = Month DD = Day HH = Hour mm = Minute SS = Seconds ms = milliseconds

Available options are:

  • level: Level of messages that this transport should log.
  • silent: Boolean flag indicating whether to suppress output.
  • timestamp: Boolean flag indicating if we should prepend output with timestamps (default true). If function is specified, its return value will be used instead of timestamps.
  • filename: The filename of the logfile to write output to.
  • dirname: The folder the logfile will be created in.
  • maxsize: Max size in bytes of the logfile, if the size is exceeded then a new file is created.
  • json: If true, messages will be logged as JSON (default true).
  • name: Give the transport a specific name: Default=fileRotateDate

Metadata: Logged via util.inspect(meta);