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A simple web application to control the Nao Robot
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A simple web application to control the Nao Robot


This application only require Vagrant, you can install it by this way. The application detect automatically if nao is on Wifi or Ethernet network.

First, you have to deploy Vagrant Machine and let the script running.

cd NaoWebApp
vagrant up --provision

if you want to find the application easilly, edit your /etc/hosts and add this row : nao.local


pwd: admin


The VagrantFile will install this packages into a Debian VM with a shared folder into /www/Nao-App

apache2 php5  php5-mysql php5-sqlite sqlite3 mysql-server python
libpython2.7 build-essential python-dev python-PIL

Moreover, the provision script will configure NaoQi 1.14 and add the library to your PYTHONPATH

The web application is running on ZF1


I would simulate the application into a VM to get out of MAMP ( I am working on Mac OSX).

Further, if i have to change my environment (Win,OSX,linux), the installation of my work will not take several times. Just modify the public_network into VagrantFile

Technologies uses

  • Python , Python Image Library
  • PHP, mySql, ZF1
  • Vagrant / VirtualBox
  • NaoQi 1.14
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