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Please be advised that this library is no longer maintained.

I have maintained this library for over 2 years, but I do not have enough time to provide a reliable support and continuous development for any longer.

Any existing or new issues will not be treated and I do not guarantee to merge any new pull request.

If anyone is willing to take over this project, feel free to fork this project and message me to add a link to your fork in this README.

Taco Pie Build Status Build status

tacopie is a multi-platform TCP Client & Server C++11 library.


tacopie has no dependency. Its only requirement is C++11.



tacopie::tcp_server s;
s.start("", 3001, [] (const std::shared_ptr<tacopie::tcp_client>& client) -> bool {
  std::cout << "New client" << std::endl;
  return true;

tacopie::tcp_server full documentation and detailed example.


tacopie::tcp_client client;
client.connect("", 3001);
client.async_read({ 1024, [&] (tacopie::tcp_client::read_result& res) {
  client.async_write({ res.buffer, nullptr });
} });

tacopie::tcp_client full documentation and detailed example.


A Wiki is available and provides full documentation for the library as well as installation explanations.


A Doxygen documentation is available and provides full API documentation for the library.


tacopie is under MIT License.


Please refer to CONTRIBUTING.md.


Simon Ninon