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A threaded chat platform.
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A threaded chat platform.

What is this?

Instant is a clone of the threaded chat platform It arose out of the developer's discontentment with some design decisions of the latter, and the desire to make something like that himself.

How do I use it?

If you just want to chat, there is an instance — the instance — running at

To post a message, type it and Return; multi-line messages can be assembled using Shift-Return. You can navigate amongst other messages by using the arrow keys, or click messages to reply to them (more) quickly. Clicking the gear icon on the top-right reveals a few settings.

On mobile, if a UI item is too small to reach, you can freely zoom in to do so.

Running an own clone

Refer to docs/ for an extensive guide on how to run Instant.

TL;DR: The stock backend (as provided in every commit, unless someone messes it up) can be put up quickly like java -jar Instant.jar 8080, whereafter Instant should be available under localhost:8080.

Whom to blame?

The “original” developer should be regularly present on the “upstream” instance — look for @Xyzzy in &welcome. If he's not there, asking around in &xkcd on might help.

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