Struts Apache 2 based honeypot as well as a detection module for Apache 2 servers
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Cymmetria Research, 2017.

Written by: Nir Krakowski (@nirkrakowksi), Imri Goldberg (@lorgandon)

Contact: Contact:

StrutsHoneypot is an Apache 2 based honeypot that includes a seperate detection module (apache mod) for Apache 2 servers that detects and/or blocks the sturts CVE 2017-5638 exploit. It is released under the MIT license for the use of the community.

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Honeypot Installation, Running and Monitoring

  • Now with added support (Honeypot only) for content disposition filename parsing vulnerability.

Installation (Ubuntu)

  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install
  • docker build -t struts_honeypot strutspot_docker/

Running the Honeypot

docker run -p 80:80 --name "mystrutspot_docker" -d struts_honeypot

Accessing the logs

Run 'docker ps' to validate the docker name: "mystrutspot_docker"

Then run 'docker exec -t -i mystrutspot_docker cat /var/log/apache2/error.log'



  • apt-get install python2.7 python-pip
  • pip install requests

Rebuilding the Honeypot

docker kill mystrutspot_docker docker rm mystrutspot_docker docker build -t struts_honeypot strutspot_docker/

Then use like below:



e.g: ./ http://localhost/

  • This will test for both vulnerabilities. You should be able to see

Detailed Info

The Honeypot uses mod_rewrite (see strutspot_docker/src/.htaccess) RewriteRule directive to redirect all requests to the same url. To avoid redirection for cover.css, apache.png, and struts.svg it has seperate rule for it. The Honeypot uses error_log() to send a JSON comment containing the connection info and other data to the apache default error log file. mod_headers is used to avoid default parsing by php for multipart/form-data. so it is modified to mmultipart/form-data before reaching the php parser.

Editing the Honeypot Website

Edit strutspot_docker/src/index.php and related ehtml files to add your own flavor to the honeypot itself. Inside the index.php as <?php code. This code must remain intact, anything else is completely independent and can be modified.

mod_contentrap Installation, and Running

This is a very simple Apache module implementation filter intended for a linux server with a running Apache2 server.


  • apt-get install apache2-dev
  • cd mod_contentrap/
  • make
  • make install


  • server apache2 restart


One can use the same python test script as before.

Important note

This has currently only been tested on Amazon's Ubuntu 16.04 LTS image, but should work on many other platforms (including previous versions of linux/ubuntu).

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