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Update pytest to 4.6.3 #130

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commented Jun 11, 2019

This PR updates pytest from 4.0.1 to 4.6.3.




Bug Fixes

- `5370 <>`_: Revert unrolling of ``all()`` to fix ``NameError`` on nested comprehensions.

- `5371 <>`_: Revert unrolling of ``all()`` to fix incorrect handling of generators with ``if``.

- `5372 <>`_: Revert unrolling of ``all()`` to fix incorrect assertion when using ``all()`` in an expression.



Bug Fixes

- `5354 <>`_: Fix ``pytest.mark.parametrize`` when the argvalues is an iterator.

- `5358 <>`_: Fix assertion rewriting of ``all()`` calls to deal with non-generators.




The ``4.6.X`` series will be the last series to support **Python 2 and Python 3.4**.

For more details, see our `Python 2.7 and 3.4 support plan <>`__.


- `4559 <>`_: Added the ``junit_log_passing_tests`` ini value which can be used to enable or disable logging of passing test output in the Junit XML file.

- `4956 <>`_: pytester's ``testdir.spawn`` uses ``tmpdir`` as HOME/USERPROFILE directory.

- `5062 <>`_: Unroll calls to ``all`` to full for-loops with assertion rewriting for better failure messages, especially when using Generator Expressions.

- `5063 <>`_: Switch from ``pkg_resources`` to ``importlib-metadata`` for entrypoint detection for improved performance and import time.

- `5091 <>`_: The output for ini options in ``--help`` has been improved.

- `5269 <>`_: ``pytest.importorskip`` includes the ``ImportError`` now in the default ``reason``.

- `5311 <>`_: Captured logs that are output for each failing test are formatted using the

- `5312 <>`_: Improved formatting of multiline log messages in Python 3.

Bug Fixes

- `2064 <>`_: The debugging plugin imports the wrapped ``Pdb`` class (``--pdbcls``) on-demand now.

- `4908 <>`_: The ``pytest_enter_pdb`` hook gets called with post-mortem (``--pdb``).

- `5036 <>`_: Fix issue where fixtures dependent on other parametrized fixtures would be erroneously parametrized.

- `5256 <>`_: Handle internal error due to a lone surrogate unicode character not being representable in Jython.

- `5257 <>`_: Ensure that ``sys.stdout.mode`` does not include ``'b'`` as it is a text stream.

- `5278 <>`_: Pytest's internal python plugin can be disabled using ``-p no:python`` again.

- `5286 <>`_: Fix issue with ``disable_test_id_escaping_and_forfeit_all_rights_to_community_support`` option not working when using a list of test IDs in parametrized tests.

- `5330 <>`_: Show the test module being collected when emitting ``PytestCollectionWarning`` messages for
test classes with ``__init__`` and ``__new__`` methods to make it easier to pin down the problem.

- `5333 <>`_: Fix regression in 4.5.0 with ``--lf`` not re-running all tests with known failures from non-selected tests.

Improved Documentation

- `5250 <>`_: Expand docs on use of ``setenv`` and ``delenv`` with ``monkeypatch``.




- `4826 <>`_: A warning is now emitted when unknown marks are used as a decorator.
This is often due to a typo, which can lead to silently broken tests.

- `4907 <>`_: Show XFail reason as part of JUnitXML message field.

- `5013 <>`_: Messages from crash reports are displayed within test summaries now, truncated to the terminal width.

- `5023 <>`_: New flag ``--strict-markers`` that triggers an error when unknown markers (e.g. those not registered using the `markers option`_ in the configuration file) are used in the test suite.

The existing ``--strict`` option has the same behavior currently, but can be augmented in the future for additional checks.

.. _`markers option`:

- `5026 <>`_: Assertion failure messages for sequences and dicts contain the number of different items now.

- `5034 <>`_: Improve reporting with ``--lf`` and ``--ff`` (run-last-failure).

- `5035 <>`_: The ``--cache-show`` option/action accepts an optional glob to show only matching cache entries.

- `5059 <>`_: Standard input (stdin) can be given to pytester's ```` and ``Testdir.popen()``.

- `5068 <>`_: The ``-r`` option learnt about ``A`` to display all reports (including passed ones) in the short test summary.

- `5108 <>`_: The short test summary is displayed after passes with output (``-rP``).

- `5172 <>`_: The ``--last-failed`` (``--lf``) option got smarter and will now skip entire files if all tests
of that test file have passed in previous runs, greatly speeding up collection.

- `5177 <>`_: Introduce new specific warning ``PytestWarning`` subclasses to make it easier to filter warnings based on the class, rather than on the message. The new subclasses are:

* ``PytestAssertRewriteWarning``

* ``PytestCacheWarning``

* ``PytestCollectionWarning``

* ``PytestConfigWarning``

* ``PytestUnhandledCoroutineWarning``

* ``PytestUnknownMarkWarning``

- `5202 <>`_: New ``record_testsuite_property`` session-scoped fixture allows users to log ``<property>`` tags at the ``testsuite``
level with the ``junitxml`` plugin.

The generated XML is compatible with the latest xunit standard, contrary to
the properties recorded by ``record_property`` and ``record_xml_attribute``.

- `5214 <>`_: The default logging format has been changed to improve readability. Here is an
example of a previous logging message::    3 CRITICAL critical message logged by test

This has now become::

   CRITICAL critical message logged by test

The formatting can be changed through the `log_format <>`__ configuration option.

- `5220 <>`_: ``--fixtures`` now also shows fixture scope for scopes other than ``"function"``.

Bug Fixes

- `5113 <>`_: Deselected items from plugins using ``pytest_collect_modifyitems`` as a hookwrapper are correctly reported now.

- `5144 <>`_: With usage errors ``exitstatus`` is set to ``EXIT_USAGEERROR`` in the ``pytest_sessionfinish`` hook now as expected.

- `5235 <>`_: ``outcome.exit`` is not used with ``EOF`` in the pdb wrapper anymore, but only with ``quit``.

Improved Documentation

- `4935 <>`_: Expand docs on registering marks and the effect of ``--strict``.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `4942 <>`_: ``logging.raiseExceptions`` is not set to ``False`` anymore.

- `5013 <>`_: pytest now depends on `wcwidth <>`__ to properly track unicode character sizes for more precise terminal output.

- `5059 <>`_: pytester's ``Testdir.popen()`` uses ``stdout`` and ``stderr`` via keyword arguments with defaults now (``subprocess.PIPE``).

- `5069 <>`_: The code for the short test summary in the terminal was moved to the terminal plugin.

- `5082 <>`_: Improved validation of kwargs for various methods in the pytester plugin.

- `5202 <>`_: ``record_property`` now emits a ``PytestWarning`` when used with ``junit_family=xunit2``: the fixture generates
``property`` tags as children of ``testcase``, which is not permitted according to the most
`recent schema <

- `5239 <>`_: Pin ``pluggy`` to ``< 1.0`` so we don't update to ``1.0`` automatically when
it gets released: there are planned breaking changes, and we want to ensure
pytest properly supports ``pluggy 1.0``.



Bug Fixes

- `5089 <>`_: Fix crash caused by error in ``__repr__`` function with both ``showlocals`` and verbose output enabled.

- `5139 <>`_: Eliminate core dependency on 'terminal' plugin.

- `5229 <>`_: Require ``pluggy>=0.11.0`` which reverts a dependency to ``importlib-metadata`` added in ``0.10.0``.
The ``importlib-metadata`` package cannot be imported when installed as an egg and causes issues when relying on ```` to install test dependencies.

Improved Documentation

- `5171 <>`_: Doc: ``pytest_ignore_collect``, ``pytest_collect_directory``, ``pytest_collect_file`` and ``pytest_pycollect_makemodule`` hooks's 'path' parameter documented type is now ``py.path.local``

- `5188 <>`_: Improve help for ``--runxfail`` flag.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `5182 <>`_: Removed internal and unused ``_pytest.deprecated.MARK_INFO_ATTRIBUTE``.



Bug Fixes

- `5031 <>`_: Environment variables are properly restored when using pytester's ``testdir`` fixture.

- `5039 <>`_: Fix regression with ``--pdbcls``, which stopped working with local modules in 4.0.0.

- `5092 <>`_: Produce a warning when unknown keywords are passed to ``pytest.param(...)``.

- `5098 <>`_: Invalidate import caches with ``monkeypatch.syspath_prepend``, which is required with namespace packages being used.




- `2224 <>`_: ``async`` test functions are skipped and a warning is emitted when a suitable
async plugin is not installed (such as ``pytest-asyncio`` or ``pytest-trio``).

Previously ``async`` functions would not execute at all but still be marked as "passed".

- `2482 <>`_: Include new ``disable_test_id_escaping_and_forfeit_all_rights_to_community_support`` option to disable ascii-escaping in parametrized values. This may cause a series of problems and as the name makes clear, use at your own risk.

- `4718 <>`_: The ``-p`` option can now be used to early-load plugins also by entry-point name, instead of just
by module name.

This makes it possible to early load external plugins like ``pytest-cov`` in the command-line::

   pytest -p pytest_cov

- `4855 <>`_: The ``--pdbcls`` option handles classes via module attributes now (e.g.
``pdb:pdb.Pdb`` with `pdb++`_), and its validation was improved.

.. _pdb++:

- `4875 <>`_: The `testpaths <>`__ configuration option is now displayed next
to the ``rootdir`` and ``inifile`` lines in the pytest header if the option is in effect, i.e., directories or file names were
not explicitly passed in the command line.

Also, ``inifile`` is only displayed if there's a configuration file, instead of an empty ``inifile:`` string.

- `4911 <>`_: Doctests can be skipped now dynamically using ``pytest.skip()``.

- `4920 <>`_: Internal refactorings have been made in order to make the implementation of the
`pytest-subtests <>`__ plugin
possible, which adds unittest sub-test support and a new ``subtests`` fixture as discussed in
`1367 <>`__.

For details on the internal refactorings, please see the details on the related PR.

- `4931 <>`_: pytester's ``LineMatcher`` asserts that the passed lines are a sequence.

- `4936 <>`_: Handle ``-p plug`` after ``-p no:plug``.

This can be used to override a blocked plugin (e.g. in "addopts") from the
command line etc.

- `4951 <>`_: Output capturing is handled correctly when only capturing via fixtures (capsys, capfs) with ``pdb.set_trace()``.

- `4956 <>`_: ``pytester`` sets ``$HOME`` and ``$USERPROFILE`` to the temporary directory during test runs.

This ensures to not load configuration files from the real user's home directory.

- `4980 <>`_: Namespace packages are handled better with ``monkeypatch.syspath_prepend`` and ``testdir.syspathinsert`` (via ``pkg_resources.fixup_namespace_packages``).

- `4993 <>`_: The stepwise plugin reports status information now.

- `5008 <>`_: If a ``setup.cfg`` file contains ``[tool:pytest]`` and also the no longer supported ``[pytest]`` section, pytest will use ``[tool:pytest]`` ignoring ``[pytest]``. Previously it would unconditionally error out.

This makes it simpler for plugins to support old pytest versions.

Bug Fixes

- `1895 <>`_: Fix bug where fixtures requested dynamically via ``request.getfixturevalue()`` might be teardown
before the requesting fixture.

- `4851 <>`_: pytester unsets ``PYTEST_ADDOPTS`` now to not use outer options with ``testdir.runpytest()``.

- `4903 <>`_: Use the correct modified time for years after 2038 in rewritten ``.pyc`` files.

- `4928 <>`_: Fix line offsets with ``ScopeMismatch`` errors.

- `4957 <>`_: ``-p no:plugin`` is handled correctly for default (internal) plugins now, e.g. with ``-p no:capture``.

Previously they were loaded (imported) always, making e.g. the ``capfd`` fixture available.

- `4968 <>`_: The pdb ``quit`` command is handled properly when used after the ``debug`` command with `pdb++`_.

.. _pdb++:

- `4975 <>`_: Fix the interpretation of ``-qq`` option where it was being considered as ``-v`` instead.

- `4978 <>`_: ``outcomes.Exit`` is not swallowed in ``assertrepr_compare`` anymore.

- `4988 <>`_: Close logging's file handler explicitly when the session finishes.

- `5003 <>`_: Fix line offset with mark collection error (off by one).

Improved Documentation

- `4974 <>`_: Update docs for ``pytest_cmdline_parse`` hook to note availability liminations

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `4718 <>`_: ``pluggy>=0.9`` is now required.

- `4815 <>`_: ``funcsigs>=1.0`` is now required for Python 2.7.

- `4829 <>`_: Some left-over internal code related to ``yield`` tests has been removed.

- `4890 <>`_: Remove internally unused ``anypython`` fixture from the pytester plugin.

- `4912 <>`_: Remove deprecated Sphinx directive, ``add_description_unit()``,
pin sphinx-removed-in to >= 0.2.0 to support Sphinx 2.0.

- `4913 <>`_: Fix pytest tests invocation with custom ``PYTHONPATH``.

- `4965 <>`_: New ``pytest_report_to_serializable`` and ``pytest_report_from_serializable`` **experimental** hooks.

These hooks will be used by ``pytest-xdist``, ``pytest-subtests``, and the replacement for
resultlog to serialize and customize reports.

They are experimental, meaning that their details might change or even be removed
completely in future patch releases without warning.

Feedback is welcome from plugin authors and users alike.

- `4987 <>`_: ``Collector.repr_failure`` respects the ``--tb`` option, but only defaults to ``short`` now (with ``auto``).



Bug Fixes

- `4810 <>`_: Logging messages inside ``pytest_runtest_logreport()`` are now properly captured and displayed.

- `4861 <>`_: Improve validation of contents written to captured output so it behaves the same as when capture is disabled.

- `4898 <>`_: Fix ``AttributeError: FixtureRequest has no 'confg' attribute`` bug in ``testdir.copy_example``.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `4768 <>`_: Avoid pkg_resources import at the top-level.




- `4724 <>`_: ``pytest.warns()`` now emits a warning when it receives unknown keyword arguments.

This will be changed into an error in the future.


- `2753 <>`_: Usage errors from argparse are mapped to pytest's ``UsageError``.

- `3711 <>`_: Add the ``--ignore-glob`` parameter to exclude test-modules with Unix shell-style wildcards.
Add the ``collect_ignore_glob`` for ```` to exclude test-modules with Unix shell-style wildcards.

- `4698 <>`_: The warning about Python 2.7 and 3.4 not being supported in pytest 5.0 has been removed.

In the end it was considered to be more
of a nuisance than actual utility and users of those Python versions shouldn't have problems as ``pip`` will not
install pytest 5.0 on those interpreters.

- `4707 <>`_: With the help of new ``set_log_path()`` method there is a way to set ``log_file`` paths from hooks.

Bug Fixes

- `4651 <>`_: ``--help`` and ``--version`` are handled with ``UsageError``.

- `4782 <>`_: Fix ``AssertionError`` with collection of broken symlinks with packages.



Bug Fixes

- `2895 <>`_: The ``pytest_report_collectionfinish`` hook now is also called with ``--collect-only``.

- `3899 <>`_: Do not raise ``UsageError`` when an imported package has a ```` child module.

- `4347 <>`_: Fix output capturing when using pdb++ with recursive debugging.

- `4592 <>`_: Fix handling of ``collect_ignore`` via parent ````.

- `4700 <>`_: Fix regression where ``setUpClass`` would always be called in subclasses even if all tests
were skipped by a ``unittest.skip()`` decorator applied in the subclass.

- `4739 <>`_: Fix ``parametrize(... ids=<function>)`` when the function returns non-strings.

- `4745 <>`_: Fix/improve collection of args when passing in ```` and a test file.

- `4770 <>`_: ``more_itertools`` is now constrained to <6.0.0 when required for Python 2.7 compatibility.

- `526 <>`_: Fix "ValueError: Plugin already registered" exceptions when running in build directories that symlink to actual source.

Improved Documentation

- `3899 <>`_: Add note to ``plugins.rst`` that ``pytest_plugins`` should not be used as a name for a user module containing plugins.

- `4324 <>`_: Document how to use ``raises`` and ``does_not_raise`` to write parametrized tests with conditional raises.

- `4709 <>`_: Document how to customize test failure messages when using

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `4741 <>`_: Some verbosity related attributes of the TerminalReporter plugin are now
read only properties.




- `3094 <>`_: `Classic xunit-style <>`__ functions and methods
now obey the scope of *autouse* fixtures.

This fixes a number of surprising issues like ``setup_method`` being called before session-scoped
autouse fixtures (see `517 <>`__ for an example).

- `4627 <>`_: Display a message at the end of the test session when running under Python 2.7 and 3.4 that pytest 5.0 will no longer
support those Python versions.

- `4660 <>`_: The number of *selected* tests now are also displayed when the ``-k`` or ``-m`` flags are used.

- `4688 <>`_: ``pytest_report_teststatus`` hook now can also receive a ``config`` parameter.

- `4691 <>`_: ``pytest_terminal_summary`` hook now can also receive a ``config`` parameter.

Bug Fixes

- `3547 <>`_: ``--junitxml`` can emit XML compatible with Jenkins xUnit.
``junit_family`` INI option accepts ``legacy|xunit1``, which produces old style output, and ``xunit2`` that conforms more strictly to

- `4280 <>`_: Improve quitting from pdb, especially with ``--trace``.

Using ``q[quit]`` after ``pdb.set_trace()`` will quit pytest also.

- `4402 <>`_: Warning summary now groups warnings by message instead of by test id.

This makes the output more compact and better conveys the general idea of how much code is
actually generating warnings, instead of how many tests call that code.

- `4536 <>`_: ``monkeypatch.delattr`` handles class descriptors like ``staticmethod``/``classmethod``.

- `4649 <>`_: Restore marks being considered keywords for keyword expressions.

- `4653 <>`_: ``tmp_path`` fixture and other related ones provides resolved path (a.k.a real path)

- `4667 <>`_: ``pytest_terminal_summary`` uses result from ``pytest_report_teststatus`` hook, rather than hardcoded strings.

- `4669 <>`_: Correctly handle ``unittest.SkipTest`` exception containing non-ascii characters on Python 2.

- `4680 <>`_: Ensure the ``tmpdir`` and the ``tmp_path`` fixtures are the same folder.

- `4681 <>`_: Ensure ``tmp_path`` is always a real path.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `4643 <>`_: Use ``a.item()`` instead of the deprecated ``np.asscalar(a)`` in ``pytest.approx``.

``np.asscalar`` has been `deprecated <>`__ in ``numpy 1.16.``.

- `4657 <>`_: Copy saferepr from pylib

- `4668 <>`_: The verbose word for expected failures in the teststatus report changes from ``xfail`` to ``XFAIL`` to be consistent with other test outcomes.



Bug Fixes

- `2256 <>`_: Show full repr with ``assert a==b`` and ``-vv``.

- `3456 <>`_: Extend Doctest-modules to ignore mock objects.

- `4617 <>`_: Fixed ``pytest.warns`` bug when context manager is reused (e.g. multiple parametrization).

- `4631 <>`_: Don't rewrite assertion when ``__getattr__`` is broken

Improved Documentation

- `3375 <>`_: Document that using ``setup.cfg`` may crash other tools or cause hard to track down problems because it uses a different parser than ``pytest.ini`` or ``tox.ini`` files.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `4602 <>`_: Uninstall ``hypothesis`` in regen tox env.




- `2169 <>`_: ``pytest.mark.parametrize``: in previous versions, errors raised by id functions were suppressed and changed into warnings. Now the exceptions are propagated, along with a pytest message informing the node, parameter value and index where the exception occurred.

- `3078 <>`_: Remove legacy internal warnings system: ``config.warn``, ``Node.warn``. The ``pytest_logwarning`` now issues a warning when implemented.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `3079 <>`_: Removed support for yield tests - they are fundamentally broken because they don't support fixtures properly since collection and test execution were separated.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `3082 <>`_: Removed support for applying marks directly to values in ``pytest.mark.parametrize``. Use ``pytest.param`` instead.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `3083 <>`_: Removed ``Metafunc.addcall``. This was the predecessor mechanism to ``pytest.mark.parametrize``.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `3085 <>`_: Removed support for passing strings to ``pytest.main``. Now, always pass a list of strings instead.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `3086 <>`_: ``[pytest]`` section in **setup.cfg** files is no longer supported, use ``[tool:pytest]`` instead. ``setup.cfg`` files
are meant for use with ``distutils``, and a section named ``pytest`` has notoriously been a source of conflicts and bugs.

Note that for **pytest.ini** and **tox.ini** files the section remains ``[pytest]``.

- `3616 <>`_: Removed the deprecated compat properties for ``node.Class/Function/Module`` - use ``pytest.Class/Function/Module`` now.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `4421 <>`_: Removed the implementation of the ``pytest_namespace`` hook.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `4489 <>`_: Removed ``request.cached_setup``. This was the predecessor mechanism to modern fixtures.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `4535 <>`_: Removed the deprecated ``PyCollector.makeitem`` method. This method was made public by mistake a long time ago.

- `4543 <>`_: Removed support to define fixtures using the ``pytest_funcarg__`` prefix. Use the ``pytest.fixture`` decorator instead.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `4545 <>`_: Calling fixtures directly is now always an error instead of a warning.

See our `docs <>`__ on information on how to update your code.

- `4546 <>`_: Remove ``Node.get_marker(name)`` the return value was not usable for more than a existence check.

Use ``Node.get_closest_marker(name)`` as a replacement.

- `4547 <>`_: The deprecated ``record_xml_property`` fixture has been removed, use the more generic ``record_property`` instead.

See our `docs <>`__ for more information.

- `4548 <>`_: An error is now raised if the ``pytest_plugins`` variable is defined in a non-top-level ```` file (i.e., not residing in the ``rootdir``).

See our `docs <>`__ for more information.

- `891 <>`_: Remove ``testfunction.markername`` attributes - use ``Node.iter_markers(name=None)`` to iterate them.


- `3050 <>`_: Deprecated the ``pytest.config`` global.

See for rationale.

- `3974 <>`_: Passing the ``message`` parameter of ``pytest.raises`` now issues a ``DeprecationWarning``.

It is a common mistake to think this parameter will match the exception message, while in fact
it only serves to provide a custom message in case the ``pytest.raises`` check fails. To avoid this
mistake and because it is believed to be little used, pytest is deprecating it without providing
an alternative for the moment.

If you have concerns about this, please comment on `issue 3974 <>`__.

- `4435 <>`_: Deprecated ``raises(..., 'code(as_a_string)')`` and ``warns(..., 'code(as_a_string)')``.

See for rationale and examples.


- `3191 <>`_: A warning is now issued when assertions are made for ``None``.

This is a common source of confusion among new users, which write:

.. code-block:: python

   assert mocked_object.assert_called_with(3, 4, 5, key="value")

When they should write:

.. code-block:: python

   mocked_object.assert_called_with(3, 4, 5, key="value")

Because the ``assert_called_with`` method of mock objects already executes an assertion.

This warning will not be issued when ``None`` is explicitly checked. An assertion like:

.. code-block:: python

   assert variable is None

will not issue the warning.

- `3632 <>`_: Richer equality comparison introspection on ``AssertionError`` for objects created using `attrs <>`__ or `dataclasses <>`_ (Python 3.7+, `backported to 3.6 <>`__).

- `4278 <>`_: ``CACHEDIR.TAG`` files are now created inside cache directories.

Those files are part of the `Cache Directory Tagging Standard <>`__, and can
be used by backup or synchronization programs to identify pytest's cache directory as such.

- `4292 <>`_: ``pytest.outcomes.Exit`` is derived from ``SystemExit`` instead of ``KeyboardInterrupt``. This allows us to better handle ``pdb`` exiting.

- `4371 <>`_: Updated the ``--collect-only`` option to display test descriptions when ran using ``--verbose``.

- `4386 <>`_: Restructured ``ExceptionInfo`` object construction and ensure incomplete instances have a ``repr``/``str``.

- `4416 <>`_: pdb: added support for keyword arguments with ``pdb.set_trace``.

It handles ``header`` similar to Python 3.7 does it, and forwards any
other keyword arguments to the ``Pdb`` constructor.

This allows for ``__import__("pdb").set_trace(skip=["foo.*"])``.

- `4483 <>`_: Added ini parameter ``junit_duration_report`` to optionally report test call durations, excluding setup and teardown times.

The JUnit XML specification and the default pytest behavior is to include setup and teardown times in the test duration
report. You can include just the call durations instead (excluding setup and teardown) by adding this to your ``pytest.ini`` file:

.. code-block:: ini

   junit_duration_report = call

- `4532 <>`_: ``-ra`` now will show errors and failures last, instead of as the first items in the summary.

This makes it easier to obtain a list of errors and failures to run tests selectively.

- `4599 <>`_: ``pytest.importorskip`` now supports a ``reason`` parameter, which will be shown when the
requested module cannot be imported.

Bug Fixes

- `3532 <>`_: ``-p`` now accepts its argument without a space between the value, for example ``-pmyplugin``.

- `4327 <>`_: ``approx`` again works with more generic containers, more precisely instances of ``Iterable`` and ``Sized`` instead of more restrictive ``Sequence``.

- `4397 <>`_: Ensure that node ids are printable.

- `4435 <>`_: Fixed ``raises(..., 'code(string)')`` frame filename.

- `4458 <>`_: Display actual test ids in ``--collect-only``.

Improved Documentation

- `4557 <>`_: Markers example documentation page updated to support latest pytest version.

- `4558 <>`_: Update cache documentation example to correctly show cache hit and miss.

- `4580 <>`_: Improved detailed summary report documentation.

Trivial/Internal Changes

- `4447 <>`_: Changed the deprecation type of ``--result-log`` to ``PytestDeprecationWarning``.

It was decided to remove this feature at the next major revision.



Bug Fixes

- `4265 <>`_: Validate arguments from the ``PYTEST_ADDOPTS`` environment variable and the ``addopts`` ini option separately.

- `4435 <>`_: Fix ``raises(..., 'code(string)')`` frame filename.

- `4500 <>`_: When a fixture yields and a log call is made after the test runs, and, if the test is interrupted, capture attributes are ``None``.

- `4538 <>`_: Raise ``TypeError`` for ``with raises(..., match=<non-None falsey value>)``.

Improved Documentation

- `1495 <>`_: Document common doctest fixture directory tree structure pitfalls

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  Coverage   81.87%   81.87%           
  Files          45       45           
  Lines        1848     1848           
  Hits         1513     1513           
  Misses        335      335

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