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Introduction to building extensions for Visual Studio code with code samples
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Visual Studio Code Extension Samples

This repository was created for my presentiation on September 26, 2018 for the Western MA Development Technology user group. It contains all of the code samples and resources covered in the session.

Code samples in this repository

  • Hello World (JavaScript and TypeScript variants - source)
  • Word Count (source)
  • GitHub Issue Viewer example
How to run code samples
  1. From the directory of one of the individual code samples (eg. github-issue-tracker), run npm install to install dependencies.
  2. Close any open instances of VS Code. From the same directory as step 1, run npm test to install VS Code as a dependency and perform a sanity check.
  3. Open the folder for one of the individual code samples (eg. github-issue-tracker) in VS Code. Open extension.ts and press F5 to start debugging.


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