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This web-app is for a ficticious Malaysian restaurant named Mamak. There is a menu, an order form, and an inventory management component where authorised users can immediately update product information.

The application was built using React. I utilised Create React App for Webpack Tooling. Real-time application persistence and authentication was done through Firebase, and browser persistence with HTML5 LocalStorage. I deployed the app on Netlify.

The application can be viewed live here. Please note that as a customer on the app, you can try logging in with GitHub or Facebook, but you will not gain access to the inventory. A demo of the app is available on Vimeo.

Design and Functionality

The application is divided into three columns:

  1. Menu - View items on the menu, and add to order
  2. Order - View total order, add/remove items, and place order
  3. Inventory - Log in to manage inventory Like most applications, there is CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality.

Creation Process

I started out by building the React components, with the main ones being App.js, Order.js, and Inventory.js. After that, I added the CRUD functionality to the Inventory and Order sections. The next step was linking up with application with Firebase for authentication and state persistence. I also utilised LocalStorage for order state persistence. Finally, I added added some test cases with Jest, tidied up the CSS, and deployed the app on Netlify.


  • When I installed a new package (React.js pop-up), I encountered an issue where a lot of my dependencies were removed in the process. This was an npm issue, and I could workaround it by either deleting the package-lock.json file, or by using Yarn. I used Yarn for this instance.

  • Testing - I wrote a test for the formatPrice function (which converts cents to dollars), and for my Login component (to ensure that the slogan rendered out correctly). I realised that I need to learn more about testing, as I was unsure if I should have include for integration tests for the app.

  • Unfortunately, my AddDish functionality (the ability to create a new menu item from scratch in the inventory) worked perfectly in development, but not in production. ** UPDATE: 8th May 2018: This issue has been resolved.

Future Improvements

If I create a new release of the app, I will include the following improvements:

  • More robust test cases
  • Integrate a payment service, like Stripe or PayPal
  • Create more items on the menu, and split them into different sections. I would also add the ability to filter based on food types, and potentially diet restrictions


Order delicious Malaysian food online!



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