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Double Helix is a live wallpaper and daydream for Android created by Cypher Cove. It is built using the LibGDX framework.

Google Play link

All files in this project are Copyright 2015 Cypher Cove LLC. If you have questions about this project, you may contact me through the email link at the Google Play storefront.


The code files of Double Helix are licensed under the Apache 2 License, which means you may use the code in commercial and non-commercial products. The image and model files (files ending in .jpg, .png, and .g3db) are not covered by this license, and are included here for demonstration purposes.

You may compile the project as is for your personal use, but do not redistribute it with the image and model files, and please don't publish it under the same or similar name (Double Helix). You are free to swap these files out and release your own commercial or non-commercial products based on this code. If you do create a product based on this code, I appreciate attribution in the application, and I'd love to hear about it.


This project was built with IntelliJ IDEA. You might be able to get it working in Eclipse using a Gradle plugin.

This project uses LibGDX, which will be imported by the Gradle files. It expects you to have the Cypher Cove LWPTools library in a sibling directory to this project, in a directory named LWPTools.

There is a desktop module included, which allows you to test the live wallpaper on the desktop without having to run it in Android. You can look up instructions for setting that up in the LibGDX documentation.


A live wallpaper and daydream for Android featuring stylized glassy-looking DNA structures





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