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Internet Citizen Bill of Rights
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Internet Citizen Bill of Rights

An enumeration of natural rights empowering all individuals reflected by the technological realities of the Internet.

Freedom to Create

Freedom of personal autonomy to conceive, design, and produce anything.

Freedom to Network

Freedom to any communication or refusal of communication with all willing individuals and systems.

Freedom of Memory

Freedom to store, copy, and own all observations.

Freedom to Share

Freedom to distribute any possessed data including copies and alterations.

Freedom of Control

Freedom to use owned computerware for any non-violent purpose.

Freedom to Alter

Freedom to modify owned computerware for any non-violent purpose.

Freedom of Property

Freedom to have owned computerware free from any artificial encumbrance.

Freedom of Awareness

Freedom to fully understand owned computerware architecture and function.

Freedom of Security

Freedom to protect against any undesirable externalities or functions.

Freedom of Privacy

Freedom to be secure from all undesired observations in private places.

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