A simple class that accepts a collection of items and paginates the results.
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A simple class that accepts an IQueryable, a page number parameter, and a page size parameter, and paginates the results. This is useful when returning a paginated list from a WebApi project.


To create a paginated list:

CNPagedList<Model> pagedList = new CNPagedList<Model>(queryable, page, pageLimit);

The parameters page and pageLimit are optional. If they are not provided, the CNPagedList will contain all of the items in the queryable.

JSON Example

This is an example of a JSON response returned from the WebApi.

... assume we specify page size of 3, and there are a total of 10 items ...

  "items": [
      "name":"Item 1"
      "name":"Item 2"
      "name":"Item 3"
  "page": 1,