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This program helps you to arrange your files in a better directory tree. How to use it?

Prepare a file, where you describe your new directory tree.

Ex. file 'dreams_x_reality':
  /job	job
  /job/current	companyC
  /job/old	\(companyA\)|\(companyB\)
  /dreams	nonsense
  /dreams/work	money
  /dreams/women	love

and so on... Always there is the first part that desribes the a new directory, then a 'tab' and then there is a regex, that files have to match to be present in this file. In our example all files, that matches "job" and "companyC" will be in the directory /job/current etc.

Choose the source directory. For example '~/folders/with/all/useless/things'.

Use my program! '~/folders/with/all/useless/things' 'dreams_x_reality'

But might you would like to have your new repository at some better place, so you may choose the one you want -d 'better/directory' '~/folders/with/all/useless/things' 'dreams_x_reality'

If you would like to also have your nonmatching files in the file 'others', you may too: -o '~/folders/with/all/useless/things' 'dreams_x_reality'

Also if you would like to to find your other useless files in subdirectories of the source directory, you should specify it: -r '~/folders/with/all/useless/things' 'dreams_x_reality'

And if you are ever stucked or do not know, there is always possibilty to get help! -h

So do not wait and get my awesome!

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