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The Ground Imager Android App combines metal detecting and the Google Tango 3D area scan technology.
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Proof of concept of marking search areas and imaging metal on the ground with a metal detector and Google Tango - Augmented Reality.

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A metal detector can recognise metal objects in the ground when you move the coil of the detector over the ground. With this measurement one can differentiate between different metals in the ground and produce corresponding acoustic output signals.

The Google Tango technology can track the motion and position of the phone in the real world.

Ground Imager

Detect and mark objects

The Ground Imager App combines metal detecting and the Google Tango technology. Ground Imager analyses the acoustic output of the metal detector and creates a virtual Object at the position of the metal on the ground in realtime. Ground Imager also can use different colors for the virtual objects by analysing the frequency of the acoustic output for different metals.

Mark the search area

The Ground Imager App can mark the area where the coil has moved over the ground with a transparent virtual overlay on the ground. With this feature you can always see where you have scanned for metal in the ground and optimise your moves with the coil.

In the future this information also can be shared with other users in the same area. So maybe you generate a red transparent overlay and an other team member generates a blue transparent overlay. Both can see the red and blue searched areas.

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