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Title: The Evolution of Humanity - (Snippet from Alba Weinman 181 )

Date Transcribed: December 1st, 2017

Original Source Reference:

181 Alba Weinman - The New Earth and the Evolution of Humanity (Part 2), Published on Nov 29, 2017, Link:

The Evolution of Humanity - 181snippetalbaweinman.adoc

When the veils are lifted

you will be given the opportunity to surrender to source…​.

[ What would someone experience when the veil is lifted? ]

When the veil is lifted, all of you, will have,
the power to manifest anything.

To go anywhere,

in an instant.

Most of you will fall into your unfulfilled expectations from the physical.

Most of you will be…​

Re-creating…​ Manifesting…​

This body is very clinched tight.

When the veil is lifted u will manifest,

what you’ve always dreamed of,

what you seek daily.

Most of u are wrapped around fear,

And seek to be noticed, loved.

Seek to be safe from the sensation of judgment.

Judgment lives and rules the day in your world.

When u dream at night,

You create.

Each one of u manifests.

This is what u will do when the veil is lifted.

[ so are we practicing at night? ]

Most no - most are like children,

Very few in this reality,

Recall how to communicate,

how to connect,

most of you are walking blind.

*When the veil is lifted…​

You will have the power to *commune with the dead,

They will be before you.

Many lost souls, fearful,

Who have created there own universe around them,

They did not transition,

and you will be frightened,

and your first instinct will be to wrap yourself in fear,

For some,

the sense of security will be,

there home,

And you will re-create your home,

maybe your bed, or Jesus, …​

you will have the ability to manifest,


Many will be suicidal to this new ability,

to manifest

that is why now…​

you should…​



your potential to connect and commune

with the divine.

*When the veil is lifted,

many human beings,


be shouting…​

They all wait until the last possible moment,

and they will be preying in unison.

and at that moment…​

*they will find themselves.*

[ so there is hope? ]

*humanity is on the brink…​.*

There is another world,

that depends on you now.

Just as there is a group…​.of beings

that are nudging us forward

to evolve.

*Humanity can fall, it is not a given*.

*Humanity is meant to evolve.*

[ what does this new earth look like ? ]


Fear Rules This Earth

If you are able to make this jump,

Find a way to evolve,

This Earth is there now.

It has happened.

And it will happen again.

Your energy comes from the sun and the divine spark,

*The One.*

You won’t consume food the way you do now.

Life will be much simpler

And communication will be instantaneous.

[ what will we look like? ]


Our bodies where just created to house our souls.

Imagine an intelligent machine... +

This place here…​

is such an interesting experiment.

The bodies here are all sick…​

In the new earth everything is known…​

even plants and animals matter,

all the cells and life force

that makes up everything is known.

Communication is instantaneous.

It is a place to strive for,

it is there now.

Infinite number of potentials,

This dimension, this time line,

Our thoughts are creating this space we are in now,

Many of u are aware now u can feel it,


You are still blind to what u need to know

*to survive this moment we are racing to.

You must learn to clear the clutter form your heads.

Because this new earth u are seeking…​

The amount of energy u have put forth to learn,

you are now being given,

what i am here to tell u,

you must learn to commune with your higher self.

Try to imagine an infinite number of yourself s,

you have created many potentials of yourself s,

when u decided to incarnate yourself to learn,

you do not just come to this particular experience,

to where u are now…​

its a limiting way of thinking…​

If u really want to know what it is like to be a human

being or would you limit yourself to this time and place,

only speaking one language, one type of human beings,

Would you not want to experience a multitudes of races, experiences,

This is what you have created, you need to find source,

*The only way to achieve the union…​.*

*Is to find this energy that is in each one of you.*

*This moment is real.

*It is real.

*It will not wait for you.

Many will miss it.

You will not miss the event,

It’s weather or not u can find…​

this new earth as u choose to call it,

what happens…​

you will stay here.

and pick up the peaces,

*This world now around you is collapsing,*

*Earth will attempt to swipe u away.*

It will not be a very habitable environment…​

[ more specific by swipe away?]

Earth is a living being

Would your body not do the same if u had a virus

Inside that was affecting the function

that influenced your potential to evolve and grow.

You would look for a cure.

You would want to eradicate this…​this..intrusion.

Earth is doing this now,

Its beginning

Just as humanity is beginning to work against it, the light and the dark,

I’m here to persuade you…​

because I am you…​. And you are me.

We are one in the same.

And my gift to you now here in this space,

Is to tell you…​

That this moment is near…​

you can feel it…​.

everyone senses…​

Its a choice we are all making.

[ when is this going to happen ? ]

*Man is creating this moment you.*

Difficult to pinpoint the beginning and end of the storm.

A typhoon that’s approaching

It seems as tho the sun is out…​

That there is calm before the storm…​

The win begins to rise…​.

and u still tell yourself…​

This is just the wind…​

I’m not afraid of the wind…​

Oh there is a war but this is a different kind of war

I’m not afraid of this…​

This is happening now.

This will be the moment of your greatest fears…​ Cause that is how

you have manifested it to be…​

*The moment of your most frightened experience that u can imagine*

*Is what will nudge you to diving deep within yourself…​.

*That’s when u know…​.

Its time to evolve or not.

This time it is here now.

[ same for everyone or different for each person ]

Each person has different view of God and hell.

This being, Gary, is unique to his own creation.

*You must square the circle*

[ what does that mean? ]

*You must make the impossible,


*We can not do this for you,*

*It has always been this way,*

*And it will continue to be this way..*

*You must find a way to evolve.*

[ thank you. ]

*The Message is LOVE - Surrender to LOVE

Sounds easy but everyone is afraid to bare there love