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Hackjunction 2018

This project was made by two french students in 2 days, during the Europe biggest hackathon, "Hackjunction 2018" in Helsinki and competed in the "Hack the sauna" challenge.


The project aims to provide a brand new sauna experience with both inside and outside interactive dashboards. We've been enjoying sauna many times, and we got the same concerns every time. How can I track my sauna sessions, get information about them or even set a timer? Also, how to know what's the best seat in the sauna depending on what kind of temperature I like?

Many questions which are still waiting for answers, that's why we come up with SaunAssistant. SaunAssistant is here to bring all those missings add-ons to make the sauna experience finally complete.

Basically the concept is pretty simple, an interactive touch screen will be outside, on the sauna's wall. Before entering the sauna, you can read all the necessary info related to the sauna to help you determine if the conditions are optimized based on your preferences. For instance, the sauna's temperature and moisture, a map of the sauna displaying the different seats temperatures and also how many people are already inside. You will also be able to badge yourself using a card, then you'll access info about your latest sauna sessions and also be able to set up a timer before starting your session so you can choose how long you stay depending on the sauna parameters. Once you've finished your sauna session, just badge yourself back to see how many time you've spent, calories you've burned and the average temperature of the sauna to help you determining even more accurately your favorite conditions to improve your experience the next time. There will be an indoor touch screen as well, where it will periodically display the stats dashboard with real-time measurements, your remaining time on your timer and some controls to customise the experience at your convenience such the color of the lights and control the heat.

In a nutshell, SaunAssistant will bring a techy touch to a really old tradition in order rediscover it, make it more flexible and finally reach the perfect experience based on what you prefer.

Outside Touchscreen : Sauna Dashboard


Sauna Dashboard : Know everything before getting inside the sauna

Outside Wall Software

Inside Touchscreen : Master The Sauna

Inside SaunAssistant

Inside Dashboard : Know everything about the sauna and control the lights

Dashboard Control Inside

Visualize the sauna and choose your favorite seat

Sauna Visualization Inside

How many time do you have left for this session ?

Timers Inside

Get alerted if something goes wrong, take care of yourself

Alert Inside