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Python Maya library and module.
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Toonkit Module Lite, Python Maya library and module.

This software "Toonkit Module Lite", including "Toonkit Module Base" and all other Toonkit Module public variations are available under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

See LICENSE, COPYING and COPYING.LESSER for more details.


This package include other GPL products :
	-Guillaume Barlier "anim_picker"
	-Ingo Clemens "extractDeltas"
	-Paolo Dominici "ZV Radial blendshapes"
	-Quentin Auger "qaSkinPaster"
	-Brendan Ross "abSymMesh"
Please refer to their respective licence for specific restrictions

In short GPL is more restrictive than LGPL in the sense you cannot include these tools in a commercial software without a specific contractual aggreement of the owner.

Note that these products are not related with the core of the Toonkit Module Lite and can be cut off easily.

About the compiled versions of software or plug-ins in this package:
The simple fact that a file lie in this folder does not mean it's under GPL, it's only true for files originally present in the public git repositories available here : (

To fit Maya module mechanism this folder may contain additionnal files that are merged here as a distribution of a Toonkit Module, these tools may have their specific usage conditions.

However, the use of some compiled Maya nodes are still completely free but it does not give any access on the original source code. These nodes included in the Toonkit module lite are :
-Paolo Dominici "ZV Radial blendshapes" (radialBlendShape.mll/
-Ingo Clemens "extractDeltas" (
-Toonkit "tkAbsNode" (tkAbsNode.mll/
-Toonkit "tkResPlaneNode" (tkResPlaneNode.mll/
-Toonkit "tkSoftIKNode" (tkSoftIKNode.mll/
-Toonkit "tkSpreadDeformNode" (tkSpreadDeformNode.mll/
-Toonkit "tkSpringNode" (tkSpringNode.mll/
-Toonkit "tkWeelNode" (tkWeelNode.mll/

For instructions on how to install and use, please refer to the online documentation :
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