Arduino sample sketch for Fingerprint Reader Integrated SM630 (SN-FPR-SM630)
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Arduino sample sketch for Fingerprint Reader Integrated SM630 (SN-FPR-SM630) and its application, Attendance record system.


  • Getting started with fingerprint sensor integrated SM630
    In this tutorial, explain how to interface this sensor with MCU, i.e. CT-Uno.
  • Interfacing Fingerprint Reader Integrated SM630 with Arduino Uno
    The sample code demonstrate 5 operations of fingerprint reader:
    1. Add fingerprint
    2. delete fingerprint
    3. search fingerprint
    4. empty database
    5. search database
    For other operations, please refer to the fingerprint reader user manual for more details about the transmit command code and receive respond code.
  • Attendance Record System
    features of the system:
    • built using Arduino Mega 2560 main board
    • utilizes SM630 fingerprint module for fingerprint scanning purpose and extra storage.
    • utilizes embedded microSD slot on Ethernet Shield to store attendance information which can be easily accessed by user.
    • includes LCD Keypad shield that displays time and attendance information.It also contains 5 buttons (not including reset button) in which the user can use them as navigation buttons.
    • includes RTC module to store real date and clock time information.
    • includes other device such as buzzer as indicator.
  • Arduino IDE

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