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Persistence of Vision (POV)

The original sketch is written by Udo Klein (Blinkenlight) for Blinkenlight Shield.
Adapted by SC Lim (Cytron Technologies) for Maker UNO.

🔹Install Library: This sample sketch requires MsTimer2 library to work. If this library is not installed, you will not be able to compile the code successfully. Please follow these steps to install the library:

  1. Open Arduino IDE.
  2. Go to Sketch » Include Library » Manage Libraries... (please allow a few minutes for the library manager to finish loading).
  3. Insert MsTimer2 at Filter your search...
  4. Select MsTimer2 by Javier Valencia and click Install.
If by any chance these steps don't work for you, you can also download MsTimer2 library from Arduino website and perform manual installation using the ZIP file.
✔Once installed, you are good to go. Try compile the code and upload to Maker UNO.

🔹Tips: You may want to cover up the other LEDs (Tx, Rx, 5V 3.3V) on Maker UNO board with black wiring tape or other opague material to get the best result.