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Data for D-PLACE.

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Research that uses data from D-PLACE should cite both the original source(s) of the data and the paper by Kirby et al. in which D-PLACE was first presented e.g., for research using cultural data from the Binford Hunter-Gatherer dataset:

Binford (2001); Binford and Johnson (2006); Kirby et al. (2016).

The reference list should include the version of the data used and URL for D-PLACE, in addition to the full references for Binford (2001), Binford and Johnson (2006), and Kirby et al. (2016).


See the list of releases for available released versions of D-PLACE data, and see the changelog for the changes made in each version.


D-PLACE would not exist without the cultural datasets upon which it relies; we would like to acknowledge the years of work by George P. Murdock and Lewis R. Binford, and the enormous contributions made by other scholars in the field towards their maintenance and updating.

Finally, a number of people provided assistance in preparing data for inclusion in D-PLACE, including Christopher Blackford, Kaylin Clements, Anna Kellogg, Hannah Haynie, Patrick Kavanagh, Ameena Khan, Beata Opalinska, Anum Rafiq, Anastasia Stellato, and George Tsourounis.

The phylogenies in D-PLACE have been generously provided by many researchers. In particular we would like to thank:

D-PLACE was developed with generous support from the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, and the National Science Foundation (award numbers 1519987, BCS-1423711, and EF-0905606).