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D interface to ZeroMQ library
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"ZeroMQ in a hundred words"
"ØMQ (ZeroMQ, 0MQ, zmq) looks like an embeddable networking library but acts like a 
concurrency framework. It gives you sockets that carry whole messages across various 
transports like in-process, inter-process, TCP, and multicast. You can connect sockets 
N-to-N with patterns like fanout, pub-sub, task distribution, and request-reply. It's 
fast enough to be the fabric for clustered products. Its asynchronous I/O model gives you 
scalable multicore applications, built as asynchronous message-processing tasks. It 
has a score of language APIs and runs on most operating systems. ØMQ is from iMatix 
and is LGPL open source."
	-quote straight from:

Usage can be derived by translating the guide above using the interface(s)
here. Alternatively some wrapper implementations are listed below.

	import deimos.zmq.zmq;
	link your program with zmq, and Zap, Pow! (to quote the site) it works.

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