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Interface to the C ncurses library
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Build Status

This is currently in BETA.

There will be bugs. C Macros are missing, enums are slightly renamed. If you have any trouble, or think that something should be fixed, then please create a bug report.

Variants of this package

This package can be build in three variants:

  • minimal: The minimal (which is the default configuration) configurations only links the ncursesw library.

  • panels: The panels configuration additionally links the panelw library.

  • full: The full configuration additionally links the formw and menuw library.

To use a specific configuration in your projects, depend on this package by adding the following config snippet to your project's dub.json:

"subConfigurations": {
    "ncurses": "full"

Building on macOS

The stock ncurses libraries on macOS don't include the wide libraries. Thus the full ncurses version needs to be installed with Homebrew. Homebrew installs ncurses below /usr/local/opt/ncurses, where the dub configuration will pick it up.

First install Homebrew using the instructions on the web site, then you can add the ncurses package with

brew install ncurses


What files make up the 'official' ncurses package?

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