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fix Issue 9394 - ABI for static arrays is outdated

Almost of "Reference Types" section is outdated in D2.
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1 parent 4faaabb commit a6324ef708fa7922b87251eeeb98322d3da22382 @9rnsr 9rnsr committed
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@@ -203,22 +203,6 @@ $(SECTION3 Reference Types,
referred to by reference; this means that class instances can never reside on the stack
or be passed as function parameters.
- $(P When passing a static array to a function, the result, although declared as a static array, will
- actually be a reference to a static array. For example:
- )
-int[3] abc;
- $(P Passing abc to functions results in these implicit conversions:)
-void func(int* p); // abc is converted to a pointer
- // to the first element
-void func(int[] array); // abc is converted to a dynamic array

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