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try it now stuff #8

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This includes the trivial changes for try it now support - adding a little css and linking in the script. I only changed doc.ddoc, not std.ddoc, since the latter doesn't seem to be used here.


I tried it with, but the example program simply outputs '#'. It works from the command line on my system.


I'm using IE. The # is black. If I shorten it to

#!/usr/bin/dmd -run
/* sh style script syntax is supported */

/* Hello World in D
To compile:
dmd hello.d
or to optimize:
dmd -O -inline -release hello.d

import std.stdio;

void main(string[] args)
writeln("Hello World, Reloaded");


it works as expected.


Somehow, it's the existence of the "struct specs" definition that causes it to fail.


Since the site now benefits of nazriel's work, maybe I should close this? Apologies @adamdruppe


Thanks, Adam. Let's get to integrate your cgi stuff when you get a bit unswamped.

@andralex andralex closed this
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+<script src=""></script>
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