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aa.c Switch license to BOOST
aa.h Switch license to BOOST
backconfig.c document COFF bit in model value
backend.txt parser.h was mostly a c++ frontend file. mostly eliminate it from the…
bcomplex.c long_double -> longdouble
bcomplex.h fix build breakage
blockopt.c fix Issue 12163 - pdb debugging (win64): stepping loops points to inc…
cc.h Track column numbers
cdef.h remove some type punning warnings
cdeflnx.h merge with dmc updates
cg.c Merge pull request #1441 from WalterBright/b1
cg87.c getting rid of REX.W prefixes for x87 ops
cgcod.c fix Issue 9449 - Static arrays of 128bit types segfault on initializa…
cgcs.c fix Issue 13673 - ICE(backend/cod2.d 5114)
cgcv.c Added optimization of debug information for Mircosoft debuggers to -g…
cgcv.h Added optimization of debug information for Mircosoft debuggers to -g…
cgelem.c Turn va_start into an intrinsic for posix64
cgen.c COFF support for Win32, use command line option -m32coff
cgobj.c Add .debug$S redundancy fix and move error handling
cgreg.c fix Issue 12855 - Shadow register assignments for spilling can conflict
cgsched.c Fix misleading comments
cgxmm.c fix up file header comment
cod1.c fix
cod2.c fix Issue 14220 - Bad codegen for optimized std.conv.text in combinat…
cod3.c directly use R11 instead of saving RDX in R11
cod4.c Add POPCNT intrinsics
cod5.c fix up file header comment
code.c remove unnecessary inline asm
code.h Add POPCNT intrinsics
code_stub.h fix TARGET_CPU=stub, a new CF flag has been added to generic code
code_x86.h add switch jump tables for Win64, Linux, FreeBSD, and OSX
cppman.c merge with dmc updates
cv4.h full CV8 symbolic debug info turned on
cv8.c Switch license to BOOST
debug.c fix Issue 12163 - pdb debugging (win64): stepping loops points to inc…
divcoeff.c handle 64 bit cases too,
dt.c fix Issue 11171 - text relocations in shared phobos library
dt.h Get rid of dt_t from the frontend
dwarf.c fix Issue 14199 - [REG2.067a] Dwarf Error: mangled line number section
dwarf.h Fix Issue 4181 - GDB prints wrong value of TLS variables
dwarf2.h Add DW_OP_GNU_push_tls_address to backend/dwarf2.h
ee.c Merge pull request #1425 from braddr/fix-urls
el.c code sequence for __tls_get_addr calls is incorrect
el.h refactor duplicate code from elem_print
elfobj.c add FreeBSD to REQUIRE_DSO_REGISTRY
evalu8.c remove some type punning warnings
exh.h fix up file header comment
gdag.c fix Issue 13969 - [REG2.063] [ICE] (backend\cgcod.c 2309) with cycle(…
gflow.c fix Issue 13586 - Destructors not run when argument list evaluation t…
global.h sync backend files with dmc
glocal.c Fix Issue 13485 - FP wrong-code with -O
gloop.c Add POPCNT intrinsics
go.c fix Issue 7156 - ICE(go.c): with 199 or 200 repeated integer incremen…
go.h fix up file header comment
gother.c fix Issue 13237 Wrong code with -inline -O
iasm.h fix up file header comment
mach.h remove ENDIAN stuff
machobj.c Switch license to BOOST
md5.c vcbuild
md5.h dmd 2.026
melf.h Normalize backend's elf structures with system headers.
mscoff.h Fix obj scanner
mscoffobj.c Merge pull request #4445 from rainers/common_to_bss$B
newman.c Disable constructor and destructor mangling
nteh.c Set up makefile to ignore certain useless warnings for clang (use mak…
obj.h OMF/COFF: write strings and float constants to CONST/.rdata section
oper.h Turn va_start into an intrinsic for posix64
optabgen.c Turn va_start into an intrinsic for posix64
os.c Use the A versions of WINAPI functions directly instead of using aliases
out.c partially revert pull 4390
outbuf.c uninitialized field in outbuf
outbuf.h merge with dmc updates
pdata.c Switch license to BOOST
ph2.c Switch license to BOOST
platform_stub.c add new cdpopcnt to stub platform
ptrntab.c Another attempt at understanding these constants
rtlsym.c fix up file header comment
rtlsym.h Use non-variadic version of _d_arraycatnT
strtold.c Fix -Wunused warnings for variables in DMD_OBJS
symbol.c Merge pull request #4074 from tramker/bug10311
tassert.h fix up file header comment
ti_achar.c Switch license to BOOST
ti_pvoid.c Switch license to BOOST
tinfo.h Switch license to BOOST
token.h merge with DMC changes
ty.h small cleanup
type.c fix Issue 4611 - stack overflow or ICE(cgcod.c) when static array of …
type.h refactor type_struct_class
util2.c Finish linux -> __linux__
var.c merge with DMC changes
xmm.h more SIMD intrinsic support
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