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$(VERSION 060, mmm dd, 2012, =================================================,

        $(LI core.time: Non-generic aliases for dur have been added (i.e seconds(),
        minutes(), etc.))
        $(LI For functions which have a version which takes a core.time.Duration
        and another version which takes an integral value, the version which
        takes an integral value has now been deprecated.)
        $(LI clear() has been renamed to destroy(). clear() remains as an alias to
        destroy() but has been scheduled for deprecation. Please use destroy()
        $(LI Exception backtracing has been implemented for FreeBSD.)
        $(LI A FreeBSD-specific module (core.sys.freebsd.dlfcn) has been added for
        the dlfcn.h C header for that platform.)
        $(LI Modules for the execinfo.h C header have been added for FreeBSD, OS X,
        and Linux (core.sys.freebsd.execinfo, core.sys.osx.execinfo, and
        core.sys.linux.execinfo, respectively).)
        $(LI Several core.stdc modules have been annotated with safety attributes.)
        $(LI Most functions in core.bitop have been marked @safe pure nothrow.)
        $(LI thread_stackBottom() and thread_stackTop() now require the current
        thread to be attached to the runtime (with thread_attachThis()).)
        $(LI A new atomicFence() instruction has been added to core.atomic.)
        $(LI An experimental critical regions API has been added. See the functions
        thread_enterCriticalRegion(), thread_exitCriticalRegion(), and
        thread_inCriticalRegion() in core.thread. This API is not set in stone, so
        the documentation is not yet processed by Ddoc and the interface may
        change over time.)
        $(LI The capacity() and reserve() functions have been marked pure nothrow.)
        $(LI The thread_needLock() function has been removed. It was largely
        considered useless since single core systems are very rare today (and it
        didn't result in significant enough optimization anyway).)
        $(LI The thread_scanAll() function now scans the calling thread's stack
        and registers in addition to other threads'.)
        $(LI All of core.sys.posix.pthread has been marked nothrow.)
        $(LI A thread_setThis() function has been added to core.thread. This is a
        low-level function primarily useful when side-stepping DRuntime's threading
        $(LI Some core.stdc.stdio functions have been marked pure.)
        $(LI Several core.memory functions have been marked pure and nothrow.)
        $(LI core.stdc.stdarg now supports vector types.)
        $(LI All functions are now nothrow. Some have been
        marked pure as well.)
        $(LI SYSTEM_INFO, GetSystemInfo(), and GetNativeSystemInfo() have been
        added to
        $(LI thread_attachThis() and thread_detachThis() are now more forgiving
        about attaching already-attached threads and detaching already-detached
        $(LI Thread.yield() now uses SwitchToThread() on Windows.)
        $(LI All core.atomic functions have been marked nothrow. Some have been
        marked pure.)
        $(LI Condition now has a mutex() property.)
        $(LI RWMutex's reader() and writer() functions have been marked @property.)
        $(LI 256-bit SIMD types have been added to core.simd.)
        $(LI Exceptions will no longer trap on Windows if a debugger is attached.)
        $(LI SetTimer() and KillTimer() have been added to
        $(LI Fiber.reset() now has overloads that allow resetting the function.)
        $(LI TypeInfo now has a new function rtInfo(). While this is now part of the
        public API, the information it provides is completely internal to the runtime.)

        $(LI Unlisted bug: An out of bounds error in the internal EH code has been fixed.)
        $(LI Unlisted bug: Some infinite recursions in core.memory functions have been fixed.)
        $(LI Unlisted bug: Fiber.reset()'s precondition has been fixed to allow State.HOLD.)
        $(LI Unlisted bug: Some memory leaks on shutdown have been fixed.)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5206): stat_t is not the same as struct stat)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5582): Improvements to the DLL startup code)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5930): cas doesn't work when used in code compiled with -D)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 6631): core.time module constructor runs AFTER main program's module constructor)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 7704): RangeError when using key optainey by AA byKey() iteration)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 7923): Please remove 'deprecated' from setAssertHandler())
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 8274): thread_attachThis only works for main thread)

$(VERSION 059, mmm dd, 2012, =================================================,

        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 7606): core.time.TickDuration opCmp accepts only lvalues)

$(VERSION 057, mmm dd, 2011, =================================================,

        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 6909): incorrect definition of the OVERLAPPED struct in ?)

$(VERSION 055, mmm dd, 2011, =================================================,

        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5967): Mangling of ArgClose for variadic function is swapped)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 6493): Source code for the doc of core.time points to std.datetime.)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 6466): core.demangle incorrect demangling of variables)

$(VERSION 054, mmm dd, 2011, =================================================,

        $(LI Added core.sys.posix.netdb.)
        $(LI For functions which have a version which takes a core.time.Duration
        and another version which takes an integral value, the version which
        takes an integral value is now scheduled for deprecation.)

        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4323): std.demangle incorrectly handles template floating point numbers)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5272): Postblit not called on copying due to array append)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5956): Undocumented mangling of struct value)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 6135): Thread/GC interaction bug on OS X)

$(VERSION 053, mmm dd, 2011, =================================================,

        $(LI Added some GC benchmark apps.)
        $(LI Moved std.intrinsic to core.intrinsic.)
        $(LI Implemented $(I exception chaining), as described in TDPL for POSIX.)

        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5612): core.cpuid not implemented on 64)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 1001): print stack trace (in debug mode) when program die)
        $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5847): Threads started by core.thread should have same floating point state as main thread)
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