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EDFZ is one of the biggest and busiest airfields in south-western Germany for VFR flights, soaring, helis and educational purposes. It has two parallel runways. The southern runway is used for Ultralight-planes and gliders, the asphalt runway for everything else (Cessnas, Gyros and private jets). Here is a authentic custom scenery for it! Have f…
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Mainz Finthen is a rather busy airfield located in south-western Germany.

08/26: Departing and landing runway for motorised planes. 08R/26L grass: Used for glider operations and UL-practice (UltraLight). Traffic patterns are flown south of the airport. Means: From 08: Left turns From 26: Right turns Altitude: 1700ft Above Sea Level - 1500ft MSL for Ultralight Airspace C borders at 3500ft MSL, be sure to not enter it. ~2 nm to the east of the field airspace D begins (GND - 1500ft) and a C (1500ft - FL100). Try to stay out of there unless you obtain a clearance from DFS. (which FG pilots usually have, don't we ? :D)

This custom scenery contains: a complete new groundnet of the field shared models and the original tower building and hangars multiple parking positions osm-2-city-buildings for the city of Mainz (Installation described below) coming up soon: a fgfp and procedure for traffic pattern and to nearby airports

INSTALLATION: Add the folder /EDFZ-custom-scenery/osm2city/ and /EDFZ-custom-scenery to your FG_SCENERY (very first page of FG-Wizard launcher) or add the following when starting FG via commandline:

--fg-scenery=/YOUR_SCENERY_PATH/EDFZ-custom-scenery /YOUR_SCENERY_PATH/EDFZ-custom-scenery/osm2city = = Mainz Finthen Airport osm2city buildings (optional) YOUR_SCENERY_PATH can just be a random directory where you extracted the downloaded scenery!

NOTICE: osm2city may decreases framerate... If this is the case, remove the /osm2city folder from FG_SCENERY (prefered) or delete it.


Go to /AI/AI_towplane and copy the /AI folder into your $FGROOT directory. It contains the towplane (/Aircraft/c177), the FlightPlan for the tow (/FlightPans/EDFZ_towing26.xml) and the main XML (EDFZ-Mainz_towing.xml). All the files must be copied or moved to the proper directories in your $FGROOT (Linux: /usr/share/games/flightgear/)! For the final tow see the documentation in /AI... Have fun!

See the corresponding discussion in the official flightgear forum:

Credits: Many thanks to D-ECHO for modelling an awesome realistic tower building and some hangar buildings! Thanks to D-3-m for his exellent critics and his useful suggestions! Thanks to d-laser for turning the poor generic taxiway structure in a gorgeous layout like in RL! Thanks to Herbert Wagner (alias HerbyW) for improving the towplane action and improving the c177 for it!

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