RepRap 5D driver and CLI integrated with Skeinforge support. Pending a name that rhymes less with ReplicatorG
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Replicate.rb is a POSIX-only Ruby RepRap Driver and command line interface that makes using your 5D RepRap with Skeinforge more reliable and automated. In other words as long as you don't mind the command line it's less of a pain in the ass :)

Replicate.rb is provided under the GPL 3.0 License Copyright 2010 Rob Gilson

How to Use:
  ruby Replicate.rb -file "FILE_NAME" #prints either .STL or .GCode files. STL files are processed by Skeinforge.
  ruby Replicate.rb -reset            #resets the RepRap microcontroller, turns off the heater and moves to home

  Ruby (ubuntu: apt-get ruby )
  Ruby Gems (ubuntu: apt-get rubygems)
  Ruby Serial Port ( gem install serialport ) (windows users see: )
  Skeinforge (googling skeinforge should help you find the latest version)

Problem: Replicate.rb can't find Skeinforge
Solution: Replicate.rb relies on having skeinforge accessible to the command line. If you have not added a link to skeinforge to your usr/local/bin (on linux) folder or equivalent please create a link using the "ln" command and then try Replicate.rb again.

Problem: running Replicate.rb -file stalls out after homing but before printing an STL
Solution: Skeinforge is an INCREDIBLY slow process - I use it because it is far more configurable and reliable then any other reprap stl-> gcode engine. Processing times of up to 15-20 minutes have been noticed so it is entirely possible that you may just have to wait a little longer.