An open source library for using machine learning in healthcare.
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Cardea is a machine learning library built on top of FHIR schema.

An open source project from Data to AI Lab at MIT


This library is under development. Please contact or any of the contributors for more information. We will announce our first release soon.

Cardea is a machine learning library built on top of the FHIR data schema. The library uses a number of automl tools developed under "The Human Data Interaction Project" at Data to AI lab at MIT. Our goal is to provide an easy to use library to develop machine learning models from electronic health records. A typical usage of this library will involve:

  • Installing the library available via pypi
  • Integrating their data in FHIR schema (whatever subset of data is available)
  • Following the API develop some pre specified prediction models (or specify new ones using our API) The model building process is parameterized but automatically does:
    • data cleaning, auditing
    • preprocessing
    • feature engineering
    • machine learning model search and tuning
    • model evaluation
    • model auditing
  • Testing the models using our API
  • Preparing and deploying the models


  • Free software: MIT license