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0.1 of d4-passivessl analyzer released

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@gallypette gallypette released this 25 Apr 07:57
· 15 commits to master since this release

This release sets the foundations for a d4-passivessl server that will be released soon.

Current Features

  • Create a Postgresql database that stores data about TLS sessions, certificates (and chains of certificates), public keys, and related fuzzyhashes
  • Provide Postgres function to query sessions by TLSH fuzzy hash / threshold
  • Fetch TLS sessions from a d4-core server redis queue
  • Fetch TLS sessions from a folder containing their json descriptions

SHA 256

84a984c99a5d2b18943f3c8925bbf16e43c0786f49e556762eb2a2227ebc6c51  analyzer-d4-passivessl