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Extract TLS certificates from pcap files or network interfaces, fingerprint TLS client/server interactions with ja3/ja3s


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sensor-d4-tls-fingerprinting is intended to be used to feed a D4 project client (It can be used in standalone though).

Main features

  • extracts TLS certificates from pcap files or network interfaces
  • fingerprints TLS client/server interactions with ja3/ja3s
  • fingerprints TLS interactions with TLSH fuzzy hashing
  • write certificates in a folder
  • export in JSON to files, or stdout


This project is currently in development and is subject to change, check the list of issues.

Compile from source


  • git
  • golang >= 1.5
  • libpcap
#apt install golang git libpcap-dev

Go get

$go get
$cd $GOPATH/

A "sensor-d4-tls-fingerprinting" compiled for your architecture should then be in $GOPATH/bin Alternatively, use make to compile arm/linux or amd64/linux

How to use

Read from pcap:

$ ./d4-tlsf-amd64l -r=file 

Read from interface (promiscious mode):

$ ./d4-tlsf-amd64l -i=interface 

Write x509 certificates to folder:

$ ./d4-tlsf-amd64l -w=folderName 

Write output json inside folder

$ ./d4-tlsf-amd64l -j=folderName