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GISPO GiBM IT Sports Night Management Application

An application MVC template with Slim and CakePHP QueryBuilder. This application is used at the GiBM IT Sports Night.

bin/ executable files required to setup the application or do some simple tasks config/ configuration files public/ web server files (with index.php and .htaccess) templates/ template files resources/ other resource files like CSV-files or translations src/ PHP source code (the App namespace) tests/ test code tmp/ temporary files (logfiles, cache)


To setup GISPO you have two options. Either you run the setup script or do it manually.

Setup script

Run php bin/setup.php in the project root directory to set up the application. It is required to have a setup.sql and a file in the docs/ folder;


You have to create a database named like the $config['dbconfig']['database'] value in config/config.php. You can rename this value to any name you like. Rename env.example.php to env.php in the config/ folder. Configure the required parameters like database host or user credentials.

Afterwards you can start your local Apache Server with XAMPP. To visit your Website you have to open http://localhost/<project_directory>/.

FORK of D4rkMindz/app_template


rename example.setup.sql to setup.sql and rename to to execute setup.php without any errors.



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