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A toned down version of Large Scale Curiosity focused on Super Mario Brothers. Uses Python3 and Tensorflow

See our blog post here:

See OpenAI's blog on the original paper here:


You will need to add a copy of a No-Intro Mario ROM in to the main directry with the file name mario.nes

This project includes two runner, and uses Michael Burge's headless NES emulator, and may work with non No-Intro ROMs. Has minimal dependencies

python3 --level 1-1 --record 

Add the --use-cache argument if you want to use the frame mean and std from the last run. requires Retro Gym, and requires the ROM to be No-Intro. See for set up. The gym runner also has less functionality, as I used it for testing the model initially.


Both runners will save tensorboard files in summary/


alt text

If you use the non-gym runner with the "record" flag, the runner will record personal bests for each environment. You can then use to create a video of any saved run. The video will display a saliency map of the surprisals, as well as action taken. This will take gigabytes of disk space to store.

python3 --path "replays/pb/env_4/pass_715" --fps 90

If you get an out of index error, find how many states are saved

ls replays/pb/env_4/pass_715/states | wc -l

Multiply that number by 12 and add this argument

add --end_frame $num_frames


Reproduction of Large Scale Curiosity for SMB






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