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@DADi590 DADi590 released this May 2, 2019 · 7 commits to master since this release

  • The server will automatically restart on boot if it detects that the IP changed. This is useful if you enabled the option for the server to start with the system, and the WiFi didn't start yet but the server is already On. Now, it will restart without ask only when it is started on the device boot.
    If it's manually started, it will ask for a restart in a notification when it detects an IP change. For some reason, sometimes the notification doesn't pop-up with me, but shouldn't be frequent (and my phone is not that good or in much of a good state, so there's that too :-P );
  • Added custom URL redirecting, like files, texts and HTMLs and URL blocking;
  • Enabled IP change of the server (probably won't be of much use, but on the PC program it's enabled for some reason, so I enabled it here too).
  • Added option to disable the ps3-updatelist.txt redirection, which means the file will not be redirected, and instead the official one will be used.
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