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Frequently Asked Questions

Common issues

The application is very young, it is not unlikely that you encounter problems with it.

Here are the common reported problems and their status.

On Windows, my device is not detected

The most common is your device not being detected by adb, or is unauthorized. Check everything is ok by calling:

adb devices

Windows may need some drivers to detect your device.

If you still encounter problems, please see issue 9.

Mouse clicks do not work

On some devices, you may need to enable an option to allow simulating input.

Mouse clicks at wrong location

On MacOS, with HiDPI support and multiple screens, input location are wrongly scaled. See issue 15.

A workaround is to build with HiDPI support disabled:

meson x --buildtype release -Dhidpi_support=false

However, the video will be displayed at lower resolution.

KWin compositor crashes

On Plasma Desktop, compositor is disabled while miralldroid is running.

As a workaround, disable "Block compositing".

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