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Awesome DAOs

🔨 Motivation

If you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail. Don't be that guy! Arm yourself with all the tools in the toolbox to use the right tools for the right job.

🔥 Getting Started

  • DAO Canvas - A step by step guide to thinking through your DAO.
  • How to DAO - A collection of articles that explain what the DAO summoning process is like.
  • Community - The best way to get started is to connect with other DAO summoners to ask questions and get help launching your DAO!

👽 Community

  • DAO Alliance - A community of DAOs dedicated to moving forward the DAO space as a whole.
  • DAOs in the Wild - A list of DAOs organized based on how easy it is to join/contribute to them.
  • DAO Rush Week - Events for DAOs to share information with the community and for the community to learn about DAOs.
  • MetaCartel - A community of awesome people who summon, support, and participate in awesome DAOs.

📰 News

  • DAObase - A thorough review of all the DAO things.
  • Newsletter - A shortlist of awesome DAO stuff that happened.
  • Boardroom - DeFi governance newsletter.
  • LexDAOism - LexDAO's newsletter on all things Web3 legal engineering (lots of DAO content!).
  • LexNode - LexNode's blog with many insights into the intersection of blockchain and legal entities.

📜 Design Patterns

  • Aragon Company DAO - Transferable token with voting and a treasury.
  • Aragon Fundraising DAO - A simple DAICO.
  • Colony - Reputation based task management and dispute resolution.
  • Commons Stack - Coordinate and sustain common goods.
  • Gardens - Composable community currencies.
  • Gnosis multi-sig - A shared bank account.
  • MolochDAO - Coordinate and manage capital.
  • MolochDAO V2 - Coordinate and manage capital.
  • MolochDAO V3 - Modular Moloch - plug and play DAO legos (WIP).
  • TrojanDAO V2 - Fundraise and coordinate and manage capital.
  • Liquidity Delegated Governance - If you are looking for a boilerplate Liquidity Provision + Delegation + Governance + Timelock solution, all you need to do is create your token, provide liquidity to uniswap/balancer, and then call the deploy functions on the liquidity and governance factories. No multisig required and you have a fully configurable decentralized solution.

🗳️ Governance Mechanisms

Goverance: the process of applying any design feature or control mechanism that maintains and steers a system.

  • Ranked choice - Voters use a ranked (or preferential) ballot to rank choices in a sequence on the ordinal scale: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
  • Budget box - Pairwise comparisons for budgetting.
  • Conviction voting - Proposals are passed based on aggregated continuous preferences of community members.
  • Delegated democracy - Delegate your votes to someone else.
  • Holographic consensus - A governance mechanism that allows for local decisions that represent the interests of a global group.
  • Quadratic voting - Voting weight scales quadratically with the number of tokens one holds. Not sybil resistant, but only works if everyone has a single account in the system.
  • Time boxed voting - Vote yay or nay on a thing within a window of time.
  • Wait for quite - Wait until voting has quited down before closing a vote.
  • MACI - Minimum anti-collustion infrasctructure. Great for grants/investments DAOs.
  • Snapshot - Verify user's token balances, then let them sign messages to create off-chain signalling votes. Create your Snapshot page here!
  • Compound Autonomous Proposals - Let's anyone submit a proposal, then if/when there's enough delgation power the proposal can be put to a vote.

🌐 Frameworks & Platforms

  • Aragon - A modular upgradeable operating system for DAOs and DAO apps. Check out the awesome Aragon list for more Aragon stuff.
  • Colony - A reputation protocol for getting things done.
  • DAOhaus - A platform to launch and discover MolochDAOs.
  • DAOstack - A full stack DAO platform.

🧰 Tools

Contract Interactions


  • AraGraph - AraGraph - Aragon DAO Permissions Visualized.


  • Gelto Finance - If this then that for DeFi and DAOs.
  • StakeOnMe - Work tokens that DAO members can redeem at a higher rate than the general public.


  • Open Raise - Open Raise is a modular library of smart contracts and UI components that bring these ideas to life and make it easy for organizations to run accountable fundraising campaigns.
  • TrojanDAO V2 (WIP) - A fundraising mechanism that has a minimum presale goal to start, an open bonding curve for the fundraise, and then flattens the curve so that participants have a propotional stake in the upcoming venture.
  • Coin Machine - A simple way to continually sell tokens (on Colony).

Token Distributions

  • AraCred - Measure and reward contributions.
  • Airdrops - Because why not.
  • Liquidity mining - Send tokens to liquidity providers.
  • LinkDrop - Put (transferable) tokens in a contract, then give people links they can use to claim tokens.


  • ArgoDisco - A Discord bot for Aragon DAO notifications (code).
  • Collab Land - DAO tools to help communities improve their collaboration and coordination.
  • DAO Ops - Chat based interactions with DAOs.

🔬 Analytics & Data

🏗 Dev Shops

  • 🐝 1Hive - Tools and apps that help open source communities thrive (mostly Aragon).
  • 🌐 dOrg - We help crypto startups build. Past projects include DeFi applications and DAOstack DAOs (mostly DAOstack).
  • ⚔️ RaidGuild DAOshop - Go from 0 => DAO. Everything from initial consultations, design, deployment, custom development, and more (all the things).

💼 Legals

  • LAO Templates - A repo with open source code deference agreements to create hybrid legal/blockchain entities.
  • Etherize - Portal for the formation of hypbrid DAO <> LLC entities.
  • LexDAO - The world's first decentralized legal engineering guild.
  • LexNode - U.S. attorney with over a decade of experience in the structuring, negotiation and execution of strategic transactions for technology clients.
  • OpenEsquire - An app to summon smart companies.
  • OpenLaw - Quickly and cheaply deploy DAOs with legal wrappers.
  • Otonomos - Quickly and cheaply deploy legal entities on and off chain.
  • AIT - Template to verify accreditted investors and add them to a verified registry of accredited addresses (great for investment clubs).

Is it a DAO?

DAOs as a field - As long as we’re dealing with human beings, the age old struggle to accumulate power and other resources is likely to remain part of the picture. Time will tell whether the unique characteristics of decentralized networks, as compared to more traditional forms of organization, are sufficient to avoid a tendency towards concentration. Field theory, as a general theory of local social orders, can be applied to frame and analyze these dynamics — a precondition for addressing their more negative long-term consequences.


  • Defining decentralization - Exploring the definintion of decentralization in blockchains and token-economic systems.
  • Banzhof power index - A way to measure the voting power of a member in decentralized systems.
  • Nakamoto coefficient - A simple, quantitative measure of a system’s decentralization, motivated by the well-known Gini coefficient and Lorenz curve.


  • Web3 business models - In a capitalist world, autonomy is often directly related to wealth. As such, most DAOs need money. This might look like a treasury, cash flows, or an inflationary rewards token. There just needs to be some sort of value flow that makes the organization sustainable.


🚀 Scaling Solutions

As of the summer of 2020 summoning DAO on mainnet is often $100 USD in gas fees, up to $500. From there, simple things like adding new members and voting are $50-100 USD in gas. This prices most communities out of using mainnet for their DAOs. That being said, there are many sidechains and scaling solutions emerging to help DAOs thrive in the wild!




While Snapshot isn't necessarily a scaling solution, it does allow DAO members to achieve rough consensus off-chain - potentially reducing the amount of on-chain transactions required to ratify decisions. That being said, you still have to submit transactions on-chain as Snapshot runs on a server.

💭 DAO Ideas

  • Decentralized Investment Bank - Organization that helps project with fundraising and token distribution.
  • PubDAO - DAO to manage a publication and allows members to approve ad listings.

Other Things

👹 Moloch Stuff

The Awesome DAOs list aims to be a high level overview of the DAO space. As such, eventually (hopefully soon!) there will be an independent Moloch Awesome list that this list can point to. Until then, here we are!


Moloch Minion

Moloch Extensions

Random stuff related to decentralized organizations