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This is the PHPCS sniff for the Zend Framework 2 coding standard.

It is currently not complete yet, as a few sniffs are still missing.


- Check for proper function call argument style
- Check for function braces being on a line by themself
- Check for invalid usage for short open tags
- Check for valid indentation
- Check for character limit (80 soft, 120 hard)
- Check for valid unix line-endings
- Check for valid variable names
- Check for invalid usage of closing PHP tag
- Check for invalid usage of perl-style hash comments


- Check for proper abstract class naming
- Check for valid interface naming
- Check for valid class/method naming
- Check for valid constant naming
- Check for proper user of string literals
- Check for proper array styles
- Check for proper class/method documentation blocks
- Check for invalid use of 'var' keyword
- Check for proper argument style in method declarations
- Check for proper if statement usage
- Check for proper switch usage