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fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path'
im = require 'imagemagick'
url = require 'url'
_ = require 'underscore'
util = require 'util'
module.exports = (wintersmith, callback) ->
{ContentTree, ContentPlugin, logger} = wintersmith
class Image extends ContentPlugin
constructor: (@_filename, @_base) ->
@_thumb_path = '/assets/img/thumbs'
thumb_path = path.join(@_base, @_thumb_path)
fs.mkdirSync(thumb_path) unless fs.existsSync(thumb_path)
getFilename: ->
render: (args..., callback) ->
rs = fs.createReadStream path.join(@_base, @_filename)
callback null, rs
catch error
callback error
thumb: (size) ->
thumb = size + path.basename(@_filename, '.*')
thumb = path.join @_thumb_path, thumb
logger.verbose "Resizing #{thumb} at #{size}"
[w, h] = size.split 'x'
options =
srcPath: path.join(@_base, @_filename)
dstPath: path.join(@_base, thumb)
strip: false
customArgs: ['-gravity', 'center', '-extent', size.replace(/[^\dx]/, '')]
options.width = w if w isnt ''
options.height = h if h isnt ''
im.resize options, (error, stdout, stderr) ->
if error
logger.error "Error risizing #{thumb} with #{util.inspect options}: #{stdout},#{stderr}"
throw error
@fromFile = (filename, base, callback) ->
callback null, new Image(filename, base)
wintersmith.registerContentPlugin 'images', '**/*.{png,jpeg,jpg}', Image
# Now we can list images of the current content
# 'basename', ->
# Is there a dry way for this?
@_basename ?= path.basename(@_filename, path.extname(@_filename))
ContentTree::findImage = (filename) ->
_.find @._.images, (img) ->
name = img._filename
img if path.basename(name, path.extname(name)) is filename