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Lightbox Helper

This LightBox Helper is based on the lastest javascript LightBox 2

It’s only make an helper, copy the lastest javascripts, css, and images on your public/javascript directory and register the javascript in the AssetTagHelper of rails, so for include the javascript in your page you only can add this (if you havn’t yet):

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>

You must add also the stylesheet so add this on your page head:

<%= stylesheet_link_tag ‘lightbox’ %>

The is very simple for add a LightBox in your page add this:

<%= lightbox_link_to "Link Name", "/path/of/your/image.png" %> 


<%= lightbox_image_tag("/path/of/your/image-thumb.png", "/path/of/your/image.png", "album name"
                                               {:class=>"images"}, :title => "This is a test!") %>

You can add, title, controller, action what do u whant becaue it’s based on image_tag and link_to


It’s very simple

script/plugin install git:// 


Please leave an ISSUE for adding bug and fatures requst.


It’s done for Rails 2.1
Build with Lightbox v2.03.3

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