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Holdings Items Update

Web service for adding holdings information from a local library system to (or removing such information from) bibliographic records in the Open Search Data Well. Holdings information are stored in a separate index as a part of the data well. Subsequently, these data can be used to limit search results, eg. only retrieve materials that are currently available at a given library or branch.

This service will only work with version 3.5 of the Open Search Data Well, as older versions do not have indexes for local holdings informtion.


Version Endpoint Environment WSDL
1.2 Production WSDL
1.2 Staging WSDL
1.2 Test WSDL

Release Notes

  • 1.2
    • Added request parameter branchId
    • Added request parameter loanRestriction

Service operations

The service has three operations: holdingsItemsUpdate, completeHoldingsItemsUpdate, and onlineHoldingsItemsUpdate.

The holdingsItemsUpdateRequest can contain data for up until 100 bibliographic items. For the holdingsItemsUpdateRequest each bibliographic item can have up to 100 holdings associated.

The completeHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest can contain data for one bibliographic item. Each item can have an unlimited amount of holdings associated.

A holding consists of one or more holdings items. Each item that is part of a holding typically represents a specific copy of the bibliographic item.

The onlineHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest can contain data for up until 100 online bibliographic items. Each item can be marked as having an online holding (true/false).

An update will take place only if all items included in the request can be processed. That means, that if one item in a request fails, an error message will be returned and none of the included items will be updated.

For removal of existing holdings from an item in the Data Well, the completeHoldingsItemsUpdateoperation must be used.

In case of any discrepancy between the documentation on this page and the WSDL/XSD of a specific version of the web service, the WSDL/XSD is to be considered the authoritative source.


Parameter: From version: Must be present: Repeatable: Sub element of: Description:
holdingsItemsUpdateRequest/completeHoldingsItems-UpdateRequest/onlineHoldings-ItemsUpdateRequest 1.1 yes no holdingsItemsUpdate/ onlineHoldingsItemsUpdate/completeHoldingsItemsUpdate
authentication 1.1 no no holdingsItemsUpdateRequest/ onlineHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest/ completeHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest Authentication parameters
groupIdAut 1.1 no no authentication Identifier of the service requester (most often a library number)
passwordAut 1.1 no no authentication Service requester's password
userIdAut 1.1 no no authentication Service requester's user name
agencyId 1.1 yes no holdingsItemsUpdateRequest/ onlineHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest/ completeHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest Library identifier code
bibliographicItem 1.1 yes yes holdingsItemsUpdateRequest The bibliographic record for which holdings will be updated
completeBibliographicItem 1.1 yes no completeHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest The bibliographic record for which the complete holdings will be updated
onlineBibliographicItem 1.1 no yes onlineHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest The bibliographic record for which online holdings will be updated
bibliographicRecordId 1.1 yes no bibliographicItem/ completeBibliographicItem Unique identifier of bibliographic record (often FAUST)
note 1.1 no no bibliographicItem/ completeBibliographicItem Note for bibliographic item. For serials, this can be used to describe which volumes are kept/loanable, like: Last 3 volumes
modificationTimeStamp 1.1 yes no bibliographicItem/ completeBibliographicItem/ onlineBibliographicItem Time stamp
modificationDateTime 1.1 yes no modificationTimeStamp Date and time for modification
modificationMilliSeconds 1.1 yes no modificationTimeStamp Number of milliseconds (0-999)
hasOnlineHolding 1.1 yes no onlineBibliographicItem Boolean
holding 1.1 no yes bibliographicItem/ completeBibliographicItem Holdings information for bibliographic record
expectedDeliveryDate 1.1 no no holding Used if one or more copies are available for loan
readyForLoan 1.1 yes no holding Number copies available for loan. -1 if no items are available for loan
issueId 1.1 yes no holding Unique id of the holding
issueText 1.1 yes no holding Display text for the issue id
holdingsItem 1.1 no yes holding Information about each item in holdings
itemId 1.1 yes no holdingsItem Unique id of the item. Id of the specific copy of the bibliographic item
branchId 1.2 yes no holdingsItem Branch identifier at which the item is placed
branch 1.1 yes no holdingsItem Branch at which the item is placed
department 1.1 yes no holdingsItem Department of branch (eg. books, music)
location 1.1 yes no holdingsItem Eg. DK5-classmark
subLocation 1.1 yes no holdingsItem Eg. part of author name or title
circulationRule 1.1 yes no holdingsItem Rules about loaning possibilities
loanRestriction 1.2 no no holdingsItem Rules about loaning restrictions ('a'-'g' or blank, see:
status 1.1 yes no holdingsItem Status of item. Possible values: NotForLoan, OnLoan, OnOrder, OnShelf, Online, Decommissioned
accessionDate 1.1 yes no holdingsItem Accession date for the specific copy.
trackingId 1.1 no no holdingsItemsUpdateRequest/ onlineHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest/ completeHoldingsItemsUpdateRequest Unique id to track this service request


Parameter: Always present: Repeatable: Sub element of: Description:
holdingsItemsUpdateResult yes no holdingsItemsUpdateResponse
holdingsItemsUpdateStatus yes no holdingsItemsUpdateResult Status of the update. Update will only take places if all the items included in the requests suceed. Possible values: ok, failed_invalid_agency, failed_invalid_delivery_date, failed_update_internal_error
holdingsItemsUpdateStatusMessage no no holdingsItemsUpdateResult Further info if holdingsUpdateStatus differs from ok