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Design for mod.io is powered by the bulma.io CSS framework. The bulma repository can be found here. We make minimal changes to it, opting to extend and overwrite its base functionality, so future updates to bulma.io can be easily merged in. We primarily comment out unused functionality to keep our compiled CSS filesize down.


The enhancements for bulma we use are stored in the sass/extensions/ folder (if they were made by a 3rd party), and our own enhancements are stored in the sass/modio/ folder.


To get the design up and running on your local machine:

  1. Clone or fork this repository
  2. Point your SASS compiler at the files in the sass/modio/ folder
  3. Output the .css files to the docs/ folder
  4. Load index.html in the docs folder to preview how your changes will look before submitting your contribution

Contributions Welcome

Want to enhance the design of mod.io? Submit a pull request with your recommended changes to the SASS files.

Other Repositories

Our aim with mod.io, is to provide an open modding API. You are welcome to view, fork and contribute to our other codebases in use:

  • SDK is public and open source, the repository with documentation can be found here. Game developers are welcome to utilize it directly, to add support for mods in their games, or extend it to create plugins and wrappers for other engines and codebases.
  • API documentation is public and open source, the repository can be found here.
  • Browse engine tools, plugins and wrappers created by the community, or share your own.
  • Unity plugin, easily manage the browsing and install of mods in Unity Engine games.