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#get credentials safely
$pass = get-credential
#connet to the vcenter server
connect-viserver -server -credential $pass
#get all of the vm's thatwe are interested in. In this case those that reside on a particular host(s).
$vms = get-vm | ? {$_.VMHost.tostring() -eq "" -or $_.VMHost.tostring() -eq ""}
#start to the stuff we want
#Note: the ImportExcel module is needed: install-module -name ImportExcel
foreach ($vm in $vms){
#get VM properties
$vm | select * | Export-excel -worksheetname "Virtual Machines" -path c:\temp\hosts.xlsx -Append
#get SCSI Controller Informtaion
$vm | Get-scsicontroller | export-excel -worksheetname "SCSI Controllers" -path c:\temp\hosts.xlsx -Append
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