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Control Systems Ports

##Standard Protocol Ports

##The standard protocol ports table lists the ports for protocols that are considered industry standards and are used be multiple vendors.

Protocol Ports
BACnet/IP UDP/47808
DNP3 TCP/20000, UDP/20000
EtherCAT UDP/34980
Ethernet/IP TCP/44818, UDP/2222, UDP/44818
FL-net UDP/55000 to 55003
Foundation Fieldbus HSE TCP/1089 to 1091, UDP/1089 to 1091
Modbus TCP TCP/502
OPC UA Binary Vendor Application Specific
OPC UA Discovery Server TCP/4840
PROFINET TCP/34962 to 34964, UDP/34962 to 34964

##Vendor Specific Ports ###The vendor specific ports tables lists ports that are used by only one or a small number of vendors. These protocols are usually unpublished and proprietary.

Vendor Product or Protocol Ports
ABB Ranger 2003 TCP/10307, TCP/10311, TCP/10364 to 10365, TCP/10407, TCP/10409 to 10410, TCP/10412, TCP/10414 to 10415, TCP/10428, TCP/10431 to 10432, TCP/10447, TCP/10449 to 10450, TCP/12316, TCP/12645, TCP/12647 to 12648, TCP/13722, TCP/13724, TCP/13782 to 13783, TCP/38589, TCP/38593, TCP/38600, TCP/38971, TCP/39129, TCP/39278
Emerson / Fisher ROC Plus TCP/UDP/4000
Foxboro/Invensys Foxboro DCS FoxApi TCP/UDP/55555
Foxboro/Invensys Foxboro DCS AIMAPI TCP/UDP/45678
Foxboro/Invensys Foxboro DCS Informix TCP/UDP/1541
Iconics Genesis32 GenBroker (TCP) TCP/18000
Johnson Controls Metasys N1 TCP/UDP/11001
Johnson Controls Metasys BACNet UDP/47808
OSIsoft PI Server TCP/5450
Siemens Spectrum Power TG TCP/50001 to 50016, TCP/50018 to 50020, UDP/50020 to 50021, TCP/50025 to 50028, TCP/50110 to 50111
SNC GENe TCP/38000 to 38001, TCP/38011 to 38012, TCP/38014 to 38015, TCP/38200, TCP/38210, TCP/38301, TCP/38400, TCP/38700, TCP/62900, TCP/62911, TCP/62924, TCP/62930, TCP/62938, TCP/62956 to 62957, TCP/62963, TCP/62981 to 62982, TCP/62985, TCP/62992, TCP/63012, TCP/63027 to 63036, TCP/63041, TCP/63075, TCP/63079, TCP/63082, TCP/63088, TCP/63094, TCP/65443
Telvent OASyS DNA UDP/5050 to 5051, TCP/5052, TCP/5065, TCP/12135 to 12137, TCP/56001 to 56099

##All Control System Ports Sorted By Port Number ###The control system ports table combines the previous two tables and sorts the entries by port number.

Protocol Ports
TCP/502 Modbus TCP
TCP/UDP/1089 Foundation Fieldbus HSE
TCP/UDP/1090 Foundation Fieldbus HSE
TCP/UDP/1091 Foundation Fieldbus HSE
TCP/UDP/1541 Foxboro/Invensys Foxboro DCS Informix
UDP/2222 EtherNet/IP
TCP/3480 OPC UA Discovery Server
TCP/UDP/4000 Emerson/Fisher ROC Plus
UDP/5050 to 5051 Telvent OASyS DNA
TCP/5052 Telvent OASyS DNA
TCP/5065 Telvent OASyS DNA
TCP/5450 OSIsoft PI Server
TCP/10307 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10311 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10364 to 10365 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10407 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10409 to 10410 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10412 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10414 to 10415 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10428 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10431 to 10432 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10447 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/10449 to 10450 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/12316 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/12645 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/12647 to 12648 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/13722 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/UDP/11001 Johnson Controls Metasys N1
TCP/12135 to 12137 Telvent OASyS DNA
TCP/13724 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/13782 to 13783 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/18000 Iconic Genesis32 GenBroker (TCP)
TCP/UDP/20000 DNP3
UDP/34980 EtherCAT
TCP/38589 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/38593 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/38000 to 38001 SNC GENe
TCP/38011 to 38012 SNC GENe
TCP/38014 to 38015 SNC GENe
TCP/38200 SNC GENe
TCP/38210 SNC GENe
TCP/38301 SNC GENe
TCP/38400 SNC GENe
TCP/38600 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/38700 SNC GENe
TCP/38971 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/39129 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/39278 ABB Ranger 2003
TCP/UDP/44818 EtherNet/IP
TCP/UDP/45678 Foxboro/Invensys Foxboro DCS AIMAPI
UDP/47808 BACnet/IP
TCP/50001 to 50016 Siemens Spectrum Power TG
TCP/50018 to 50020 Siemens Spectrum Power TG
UDP/50020 to 50021 Siemens Spectrum Power TG
TCP/50025 to 50028 Siemens Spectrum Power TG
TCP/50110 to 50111 Siemens Spectrum Power TG
UDP/55000 to 55002 FL-net Reception
UDP/55003 FL-net Transmission
TCP/UDP/55555 Foxboor/Invensys Foxboro DCS FoxAPI
TCP/56001 to 56099 Telvent OASyS DNA
TCP/62900 SNC GENe
TCP/62911 SNC GENe
TCP/62924 SNC GENe
TCP/62930 SNC GENe
TCP/62938 SNC GENe
TCP/62956 to 62957 SNC GENe
TCP/62963 SNC GENe
TCP/62981 to 62982 SNC GENe
TCP/62985 SNC GENe
TCP/62992 SNC GENe
TCP/63012 SNC GENe
TCP/63027 to 63036 SNC GENe
TCP/63041 SNC GENe
TCP/63075 SNC GENe
TCP/63079 SNC GENe
TCP/63082 SNC GENe
TCP/63088 SNC GENe
TCP/63094 SNC GENe
TCP/65443 SNC GENe

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