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DC801 DC26 Party Badge

Party badge and BLE hardware board


  • Lots of I/O
    • Speaker
    • 6 buttons
    • One hidden button
    • SPI LCD screen
    • Selected pin breakouts
    • JTAG interface
    • Micro USB
    • microSD card
    • 2 SAO connectors
    • 2 minibadges

  • A MCP73831 LiPo battery charger
  • Kickass silkscreen

Board design is in Kicad

See the Hardware directory for more info, schematics and etc

SD Card

Format your SD card as FAT32 and copy the contents of SD_Card into it


  • Environment is GNU ARM GCC with your choice of IDE (I used CLion)
  • Need a J-Link Segger JTAG programmer
  • Uses the softdevice s132

See the Software directory for more info

What's it do?

Awesome things, that's what! See the Software directory for more information.

More info

Follow @rushan_ee or @hamster for updates