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Matlab Scripts for Evaluation of a TDOA System based on 3 RTL-SDRs


Matlab scripts according to my project on transmitter localization with time-difference-of-arrival (TDOA).

Presentation at the Software Defined Radio Academy, 2017

Update 2019: All algorithm parameters including the positions of the receivers etc. can be specified in the configuration .m file The script is flexible and can be adapted to a 3-receiver scenario (with reference TX) anywhere.


Three recordings from (the three) receivers done with the librtlsdr-2freq (modified librtlsdr for 2 frequency operation). First frequency is the reference transmitter, second frequency is the measurement frequency (required length: 3.6e6 (i.e. 1.2e6 samples per frequency), 2 Msps sampling rate).


  • Delay analysis of reference signal to synchronize the receptions
  • Delay analysis of measurement signal to measure the TDOAs
  • Available Options: bandwidth filtering, correlation smoothing, correlation type switching, signal interpolation
  • Mulitlateration calculations for localization


A html/javascript file with a map showing the receivers, the hyperbolas and the most likely position of the transmitter.