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Get-ObjectProperty Now expands dictionaries and hash tables. Removed …

…the $IncludeCollections switch. Collections are included by default and there is a flag $SkipCollections to skip the expansion of collections.
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DCAG committed Jun 27, 2017
1 parent 84f4e28 commit a0cd0d654c824e7627eec6963aa0e30fc56fc4fb
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  1. +29 −14 Get-ObjectProperty.ps1
@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ function Get-ObjectProperty
limited to 100 levels of recursion.
.PARAMETER ExpandCollections
Allow expansions of collections to see a list of members
.PARAMETER SkipCollections
Ignores expansions of collections - to hide a list of members
Get-ObjectProperty -InputObject (Get-Process)[0] -Property 'Memory'
@@ -59,36 +59,51 @@ function Get-ObjectProperty
[int]$Depth = 3,
function Get-InnerObjectProperty{
param($InputObject, $Property, $Depth, [switch]$ExpandCollections, $Path = "[ORIGIN]", [Int32[]]$__Table = @()) #do not change input for $__Table
param([object]$InputObject, [string]$Property, [int]$Depth, [switch]$SkipCollections, $Path = "[ORIGIN]", [Int32[]]$__Table = @()) #do not change input for $__Table
$__Table += $InputObject.GetHashCode()
$InputObject.psobject.Properties.where({$_.IsGettable -and $_.Name -match $Property}).foreach({
if($ExpandCollections -and $_.Value -ne $null -and $_.Value.psobject.typenames.where({$_ -match 'Collection|Array'})){
$Name = $_.Name
$_.Value | ForEach-Object {$i = 0} {
'{0}.{1}[{2}]: {3}' -f $Path, $Name, $i, $_
$CheckCollections = -not $SkipCollections -and $_.Value -ne $null
# Expand Dictionaries
if($CheckCollections -and $_.Value.psobject.typenames.where({$_ -match '\.[^\.]*(Dictionary|HashTable)'})){
foreach($k in $_.Value.Keys)
"{0}.{1}['{2}']: {3}" -f $Path, $_.Name, $k, $_.Value[$k]
if($Depth -gt 0 -and $__Table -notcontains $_.Value[$k].GetHashCode()){
Get-InnerObjectProperty -InputObject $_.Value[$k] -Property $Property -Path "$Path.$($_.Name)['$k']" -Depth ($Depth-1) -__Table $__Table -SkipCollections:($SkipCollections -eq $true)
# Expand Lists, Arrays and Collections that can be iterated in foreach()
}elseif($CheckCollections -and $_.Value.psobject.typenames.where({$_ -match '\.[^\.]*(List|Array|Collection)'})){
$i = 0
foreach($v in $_.Value){
'{0}.{1}[{2}]: {3}' -f $Path, $_.Name, $i, $v
if($Depth -gt 0 -and $__Table -notcontains $v.GetHashCode()){
Get-InnerObjectProperty -InputObject $v -Property $Property -Path "$Path.$($_.Name)[$i]" -Depth ($Depth-1) -__Table $__Table -SkipCollections:($SkipCollections -eq $true)
$i += 1
# Regular value
'{0}.{1}: {2}' -f $Path, $_.Name, $_.Value
if($Depth -gt 0 -and $_.Value -ne $null -and $__Table -notcontains $_.Value.GetHashCode()){
Get-InnerObjectProperty -InputObject $_.Value -Property $Property -Path "$Path.$($_.Name)" -Depth ($Depth-1) -__Table $__Table -SkipCollections:($SkipCollections -eq $true)
if($Depth -gt 0){
$Depth = $Depth-1
$InputObject.psobject.Properties.where({$_.IsGettable}).where({$_.Value -ne $null -and $__Table -notcontains $_.Value.GetHashCode()}).foreach({ Get-InnerObjectProperty -InputObject $_.Value -Property $Property -Path "$Path.$($_.Name)" -Depth $Depth -__Table $__Table })
Get-InnerObjectProperty -InputObject $InputObject -Property $Property -Depth $Depth -ExpandCollections:$ExpandCollections
Get-InnerObjectProperty -InputObject $InputObject -Property $Property -Depth $Depth -SkipCollections:($SkipCollections -eq $true)

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