Blockchain protocol on eos for decentralized operating system of smart cities
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DCiti - Blockchain Protocol on EOSIO For Decentralized Operating System Of Smart Cities

Welcome to the source code repository!

DCiti is a blockchain protocol on the EOSIO software that can be deployed to provide decentralized and blockchain based operating system to new and existing smart cities that want to operate a crypto based economy. DCiti opens up opportunity for decentralized smart solutions to be offered to smart city residents. Our blockchain solution can be utilized to create a connection between the physical infrastructures of a smart city and open distributed ledger technology.

DCiti Solution For Smart Cities Include:

  1. Easy platform for developers to build cutting edge smart service DApps (For Developers)
  2. Fundraising opportunity for the development of city projects through token offering (For Smart City Private Developers)
  3. Best platform to offer secure and transparent governance to residents (For Smart City Leaders)
  4. Work Opportunity for residents to build and contribute to the development of the cities they love. (Residents)

Fundamental of DCiti

DCiti blockchain protocol is built on the fundamentals of security, trust, and identity. We believe that these are what makes a blockchain solution compatible with smart city.

Security Centralized networks can easily be attacked, shut down and manipulated by hackers through a simple detected loophole.

Trust A fundamental currency of relationship and the value chain in cities, different people with different background and belief come together to become neighbor to share the same environment must find a way to get the trust currency.

Identity With decentralized technology, we believe that we can simplify residents access to smart services and application through a distributed digital identity system that give power over own identity back to individuals.

Working Together;

We invite everyone supporting eos and the blockchain industry to join us and contribute to this project, as we progress and advance the industry. Check the whitepaper version 1.0 for full introduction to the project